Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, October 13, 2008

Aidan stories . . .

So, if your wondering about the absence of "Hail to the Redskins," well, I'm a sore loser. . . : ( But, at least the Cowboys lost too! : )

Today's news is full of bad news, including the loss of the Redskins. . .so here are some fun Aidan stories for you that will hopefully put a smile on your faces!

First, more on the Daredevil:
I previously told you about the daredevil ride on the trike. Well, the other day, I was watching Aidan play and he dragged his wagon up to the top of our neighbors driveway (slight incline that ends on our pipestem and is edged by our back and side yard). Well, he got up there and just as I was wondering what he would do next, he climbed in and took off for a wild ride down their driveway. I stood there, frozen in horror, as I watched my two year old son, wide eyed and mouth wide open, fly down that small hill. He ended in our yard, jumped out and squealed with delight at the fun of it all! My heart in my throat, I went and calmly hugged him and said it was time to go inside for dinner. Daddy went and got our little daredevil a helmet the next day!

More on the Apple fiend:
Saturday evening, we went and had dinner with Pat's mom and dad. We went for chinese, which was awesome. Aidan didn't really eat much and was a little terror, hitting me and Pat during dinner. But, he became a nice little guy again once we got back to the house. . .where he found my mother-in-law's stash of apples. . .before we knew what had happened, there were bites out of two apples! At least he loves something healthy. . .if he would just eat one at a time! He did sit still long enough for us to get a somewhat good picture of the three of us, though.
Yesterday, after church, we went to Pumpkinville, which is really a local Farm Market that transforms itself into a kid's Halloween dream land. Aidan is really a little too young for the stuff they had, but we did get our pumpkins and a few other things. After we picked out our three pumpkins (originally, we were going to get five because Aidan wanted them for Moby and Maggie, too), we went inside the market to see what else they had. There were some locally grown apples, which I picked out a few, and some Apple Cider, which we also got. On the way to the register, I heard Pat say, NO! Turning back, I saw Pat taking an apple away from Aidan. . .close call, but he didn't bite into it! One second later and it would have been too late! Then, next to the register, was one of those animated witches that cackles and stuff. . .after looking like he was going to cry and run out of the store, Pat picked up our little "daredevil" and helped Aidan realize that the witch was okay afterall!

Once home, I turned on the game and Aidan said (yelled) OOTBALL! His version of football. . .

Good times with my boy!


Joy said...

It sounds like you had a busy weekend. At least he was looking for a healthy snack.

Anonymous said...

Love the Aidan stories. They keep us rolling here! I bet Aidan loved going to the Pumpkin farm. That is always a treat! Can't wait to see him in his costume!

Teresa said...

Hi Stacy, I am still a sore loser about the Mets so I understand!
Those are adorable pictures!