Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, October 17, 2008

Two weeks to Halloween and One Year Ago. . .

Two weeks to Halloween!!!! Are you ready? Some of the neighbors are frighteningly ready with the decorations they have going. . .

We're nearly there. The costume just needs the mane to be created and sewn onto the hood. I'm hoping to get that done tonight. As indicated, we went to Pumpkinville last weekend and got our pumpkins. Aidan loves having them. He keeps saying, "Punkin outlide!" Yep, that's where they belong!

A couple of weeks ago, I made, by hand, some ghosts that we then hung up in the cherry tree outside our front door. They are hanging from fishing line, so they kind of look like they are floating under the tree. I was impressed with myself. Aidan not so much.
Then, a couple days ago, we were leaving for work/Daycare and Aidan stopped and pointed across the street and yelled, "MOMMY! LOOK! Hayoeen!!!!" Yes, you guessed it. Our neighbors had put up one of thos big round inflatable things that has pumpkins and a witch inside. Aidan loves it. I still like my ghosts better!
The other day, Aidan got a little cut, very little, on his thumb. I cleaned it up and put a bandaid on. Of course, I had found some bandaids with the Nascar theme. . .they have BB's on them. So, then yesterday, Aidan said he had an owy on his finger and needed BB's on it. He is obsessed with cars and trucks!

Tomorrow marks one year since we got a phone call from our Social Worker telling us only that a child had been identified for us. There were some potential health issues, which were all explained to us, but that, and that the child was in the Krasnoyarsk region, was all we were told. After discussing it and researching the potential health issues, we called our Social Worker back (the next day) and said we would like to pursue adoption with this child. After calling the main office of our agency and advising them of this, she was then told that the child was a boy, 17 months in age. The only travel information we were given at that time was that our first trip would likely be before the end of the year. We didn't know when we would meet him. But, that was the day Aidan was born in our hearts. He became a reality, even though we didn't have a picture or any medical information other than that which was provided verbally. But, we had a son.

Incredible how much our lives have changed and been enriched in the past year!

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Anonymous said...

Happy 1 year!!! What a difference a year can make!?!?!? I love the BB band aids. We always had to get ones with princesses or balls on them. Funny kids! Whatever makes them feel better. Well, give that sweet boy a huge kiss. I am with you. I like the floating ghosts! They are adorable.