Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Amazing Races

So, if you watch Amazing Race, the teams are going to be in Krasnoyarsk this weekend! The show is on CBS at 8:00 Eastern and they are in search of a famous playwrite. . .If it is the one we think it is, we went to his Dachau on our second weekend in Kras. . .So, for all of you who have been, and for all of you who haven't, here is a chance to see Krasnoyarsk!

Our Friday resembled an Amazing Race in itself. We had our "to do" list so jam packed that it was a little stressful looking at it.

First we took the Tahoe up to Best Buy where we had the Remote Start installed that Pat gave me for Christmas. No more upset Aidan when Mama goes out to warm up the car!

Then, we ran to the bank, transferred some cash and got some out.

Then, we were off to the Post Office where we mailed off our Passport renewals and then applied for Aidan's US Passport. It was my goal to get that done before the 1 year post placement visit--check!! But, this did not go off without a hitch. Apparantly, the form we received at the US Embassy in Moscow is no longer the correct form. So, we got a new form and filled it out. And then it was mailed off, along with Aidan's Certificate of Citizenship and his Adoption Decree (this is where I got a little nervous). I was assured that we would get these documents back. . .I just have to trust that we will!

Then, we headed off to the hair cut place where Daddy and Aidan got hair cuts. Aidan sat in the chair on his own for the first time and did not cry at all!! He was so good! And his hair looks so much better this time.

We were going to go Ice Skating, but that had to be cut from the list because it was after Noon already and so back home we went where Mama made lunch and Daddy and Aidan went to the playground while they waited. but, I can tell you that we are now offically a part of the US Ice Skating Organization! Aidan completed his lessons last Sunday!

After lunch, nap. . .for me, too!

Then, Kristin, our Social Worker came. She is so awesome--have I told you all that before??? She helped make us a family and has alwyas been so supportive. I just love her. I really really miss talking to her on a regular basis. She did confirm that things have slowed down in Russian adoptions. . .but she added that all International Adoptions have slowed down. It seems the Economy is just not conducive to International Adoptions. That makes me sad because there are really so many children in need in Russia, and in other places. But, she also indicated that Domestic Adoptions are on the rise--similar reasons. . .birth mothers are no longer keeping their babies as much because of the economy. I would do it again in a heartbeat. . .if it wasn't so expensive! As the World of Adoption turns. . .Our visit was great, by the way. She was amazed at how much Aidan has grown. . .we talked about what he has been doing, what we do as a family, and what his typical day is like. We also talked about our plans for Preschool and his Day Care situation and how that is going. We only touched briefly on his discipline and how that is going, but it is all healthy stuff. Basically, Aidan is a typical 2, almost 3, year old little American boy! It's all good! : ) So, only two more Post Placement visits left: March 2010 and March 2011.

After our visit, we dashed down to Sterling and had Fish and Chips with some friends at an Irish Restaurant. Yummy!

Then, home and to bed for all of us exhausted Harrison's!

Today should be much quieter: cleaning house, baking Grandpa's birthday cake and then a Lobster dinner to celebrate Grandpa's birthday!

Na zdrovyeh!


Sherri said...

You will get Aidan's documents back. I had to apply for a passport about a year ago because my last one had expired many years ago. I had to send my birth certificate in and I got it back with no problem.

Joy said...

I can not believe that you have already had 2 PPR. You are half way done!! I wish there were an ice skating rink around here. I would love to do that.

He is looking just like a big boy now. I miss the picture in Russia with the longer hair and those chubby cheeks.

Teresa said...

That is so great that you have already completed the 2nd post-placement. He looks very cute with that haircut! I can't believe how much these babies change once they are home - They grow so fast!
Hope you had a great weekend- Sounds like a busy, but fun one!