Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Free Bird, Really???

We have had a really busy week and weekend. . .quite exhausting, actally!

My friend Allison was in town this week. She moved away to California a couple of years ago and I miss her terribly. She is a great person to talk to about just about anything.

She came by the house on Tuesday and stayed about three hours talking. Then we met up with her and several other friends on Thursday at Fireworks pizza. We had a blast. She left again on Friday and we'll miss her again until next time! We miss you Allison!

On Saturday Pat went off to help a friend with one of his projects at his house. . .perhaps he'll help with one of ours???? :o

Aidan and I stayed at home and I cleaned house and got caught up on laundry. I've found this great Alternative Rock station on our Verizon TV and had that on. . .Aidan had his own music on in his bedroom where he was nicely playing. Imagine my surprise when I hear Free Bird through the wall of my bathroom. . . and then hear him turn it up!!! He is still just two. . .Next thing you know he's going to be playing Sweet Home Alabama! Crazy!

The guys didn't get up until 9:00 today so Mama went off to church by herself. . .very peaceful. . .and then I went grocery shopping--also by myself! I was able to stick to my list and was home having lunch with my two guys by a little after 1:00 and then a quiet nappy sort of afternoon followed. Nice.

The weekend was topped off by dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. And now we're getting ready for bed and the start of a new week!

And, just arond the corner, we have several very significant anniversaries. . .more to come on that!


Joy said...

HE likes the classics. There is nothing wrong with that he just likes good music.


Anonymous said...

Just as long as he doesn't get a lighter out and hold it up in the air!! Hee hee!!! Love that kid!