Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Get To Push The Button!!!

My remote start was successfully installed on Friday. It's awesome! You push the button, and the car starts up. If you leave the heat on, it warms up the car for you, too. All weekend long, Pat and I had a little battle over who got to push the button to start the car. Our battle has sounded a bit like this:

"I get to push the button!" " No, I do!" "No, I do!" And, so on. Ad infinitum.

So, who exactly is the 2 almost 3 year old around here??? ; )

This morning I let Aidan push the button and he was so excited! I can see we'll be adding him to our battle mix now!

On Saturday, we celebrated Pat's dad's birthday. It was a blast! Pat left in the afternoon to go and pick up his parents and the lobsters we were going to have for dinner. About an hour later, he called and said he had is parents, but no lobsters. Uh oh. Apparantly, we didn't plan very well. So, we went to Blue Ridge Grill for a fantastic Prime Rib (me) dinner. I love their Prime Rib! After that we came home for cake and presents. We gave him a framed copy of the picture on the header of this blog. We love that one and I'm pretty sure he liked it, too. Aidan helped blow out the candles on the cake I had made:

Fun was had by all.

The time change happened on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I have suffered a bit from that. . .it's really early now when I get up! But, poor Aidan has been really suffering. He does not like it one bit and has been super tired ever since! But, at least it's not like last year: We sprang forward one hour, then 7 more hours a week and a half later, then 4 more hours 5 days after that, then another hour a week later (when Russia went on daylight savings time), then back 4 hours a week and half after that, then back 8 more hours 6 days later! We were so confused!


Kim said...

I have wanted one of those remote starters forever!!! Lucky you! My boys want to push every button in the house and it is such a battle! :)


Teresa said...

That is so funny that you caught the time change in Russia on top of the hour here - I would have been a walking zombie.
I wasn't able to play the video this time, but I agree that that is a great picture of Aidan on the blog!