Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, March 30, 2009

Doin' a little potty talk. . .

Saturday we began the process of serious potty training. Daddy had to work, so it was all up to Aidan and me. We got up in the morning and put on our big boy underpants, set the timer and off we went. Every half hour the timer would go off and we would sit on the potty. By nap time we had only wet our pants twice. Not bad for our first day!

On Sunday, we made it all the way through nap time without wetting our pants but going on the potty, even at church. Good boy, Aidan!!

Our trouble seems to be in the evening when we need to go poop. We can't seem to get the hang of letting Mama or Daddy know it's poop time! But, that will come.

Today was good, too. We only went twice in our pants and that was at the sitters--change of scenery. Mama thinks it will be even better tomorrow.

Mama's tired today because it was very windy out last night and she had to get up with Aidan a few times to rock him back to sleep . . .

But, I wanted to tell you a couple of things:

One, I had mentioned that we decided the 10 day waiting period was actually good. Here is why: When we first got started in this process, we were told that the waiting period is generally waived. Then the re-accredidation process happened and that waiver stopped. We found out about the time of our first trip. No big deal as far as I was concerned, but Pat was not too happy. Of course, when it came down to it, there was no way in H E double toothpicks we were leaving Russia without our son a second time, so we stayed for our waiting period.

The first week was pretty much torture. I have since realized that Aidan was likely going into a type of depression. Here were these strange people that were loving and nice and they came and then they went away for what, to a 18 to 22 month little boy, must have seemed like forever, and then they came back for another visit only to disappear again for a day!! ( we went to court!) And then they come back again and want to be all lovey again and expect/want the same thing back!! Well, not so much!!

So, Aidan remained unresponsive to us the entire first week. So much so that we began to talk, furtively to ourselves of course, about the possibility of Austism. We were worried to say the least. And then the last week he began to open up more and more and, in fact, by our last day of visiting, here is what he looked like!!

And so, I want to posit that the 10 day waiting period is good because he had the chance to get to know us in limited amounts of time. . .by the time he was ours permanently, he was used to us and knew that we weren't leaving. Just a thought.

And now, next Saturday we will celebrate Gotcha Day, 1st Anniversay. . .and my in-laws 60th wedding Anniversary! Both are so important to us. . .and we get to celebrate them together! Hopefully, we'll be going on the potty all of the time by then!

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Joy said...

I have been thinking the same as you and Pat for quite some time. Gerard is convinced that I should stay during the wait.

Hope you have a happy pooy day soon. (LOL)