Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, March 23, 2009

The passing of time

A year ago we arrived, early in the morning, in Krasnoyarsk. We had last been there on November 24th, in the early morning, almost exactly 4 months earlier. We had last seen Aidan on November 23rd. . .he had been so cute. Shy, but still playful. We were encouraged that he actually opened up some to Pat on the first day. He was a big boy, but still so little!

By the second day, we were so in love!

And then, we had a 4 month enforced separation. When we arrived at the orphanage on March 24th, to see our son again after 4 months, we had sweaty palms; our hearts were beating fast; Would he remember us???; Would he like us???; Would he attach to us???

We arrived and were taken to the same Music Room as before. We had our plastic booties on over our shoes; we had our treats and toys; we were hot; we felt nauseous. There were several other children whom I kept looking at to see if they were Aidan. I knew he had changed. And then the door opened. The caretaker walked in, holding the hand of a little boy. He looked up. My heart caught in my throat. There was my baby!!! Look how he'd grown!! And, then, I saw a look of recognition pass in his eyes when he saw me. I opened my arms and knelt on the floor. He started to cry, but walked over to me, turned arond and backed up and sat down on my lap. I had my son in my arms again! My God! Thank YOU!

He was bit bigger and he had matured in his facial expressions, and he was a bit more withdrawn. He didn't want to engage right away, but he was still my baby boy.

When we had to be wrenched away, we began the nauseating process of preparing for Court. . .more on that next time.

But, for now, just look at how much my little dudely has changed since that day a year ago! What a difference a year makes!

So, about the shirt. . .I found it at Gymboree and had to have it! When we're driving down the road, we'll come to a red light and traffic and we'll stop ( of course). Aidan says, " Go Mama!" But, the light is red, Aidan. " Oh." Then the light turns green, " Go Green! Mama!" But, there are cars stopped in front of us. " Go, Mama!" sigh. Back street drivers!

Quick Weight Watchers update: I haven't been in weeks! I am still down my abot 4 pounds with only about 3 pounds to go, but I just can't seem to get there with Pat's work schedule and all. . .I can't really go with Aidan. . .But, I am still watching, counting my points and I have lost a lot of inches--my pants are longer! I reached 4 miles on my daily run last Thursday for the first time since before we went to Russia last year (it only took a year to get back there!) and I was up to 4.10 this morning. I think I'll be okay, but I'll keep working at it.


Rich and Jolynn said...

I love the t-shirt. When we where little we would tell our Mom GMG - "Green Means Go" it would make her nuts cuz there was five of us.

I love your story about how your son reacted on your return trip. He is so precious. Did you leave one of those photo albums for the care-givers to show him between trips. We are working on one with a duplicate for our 1st visit next week.

Troy and Rachel said...

Can you believe one year has passed?! It's amazing how fast time really goes, although it sure dragged by in the process!

Anonymous said...

First I have to say WOW!!! He has grown up so much since last year! Sad but wonderful too! He looks so happy! His life is so full now. What promise he has for his future!!!
Second, I can only laugh that you have a son that is a backseat driver. Wasn't it you who would yell at mom for going through a yellow light? Now your son is wanting you to go through a red light! Hyserical!!! There are so many reasons why I love that beautiful boy!!!

Teresa said...

Hi Stacy,
Oh, I had a tear in my eye reading this post - What an amazing memory of when you guys met Aidan for the first time and on the 2nd trip- Those pictures are priceless. It is amazing how much he has changed in only 1 year!
I have been on the computer less lately and am taking a little break from blogging for a while, but I will definitely check in every now and then and would love to keep in touch.
Take care and All The Best...Teresa