Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Update, and some other stuff

Today's ride to school features the Two Millionth viewing of Cars. . .I think I know it all by heart!

Aidan is doing really great at school. He met his new teacher for next year yesterday and will spend more time with her over the next week and a half. He'll be moving into his new class on September 8th, less than two weeks from now!!

Today is the second to last Water Day at school and he actually chose to wear his Lobster suit and shirt--something different than the shark suit and shirt! It's really cute, too.

In other news, Pat got a second coat of paint on the Foyer and the first coat on the Basement stairs last night while I bathed Aidan and played with him. Tonight I will get the edging done and begin the process of doing the trim work while Pat takes over Aidan. Tomorrow night we hope to work on the upstairs and let Aidan play in his bedroom. The plan is to be finished by the end of Labor Day weekend. So far, so good! And, it all looks really good, too.

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Troy and Rachel said...

So great that he's doing so well!!

You guys are so ambitious with all that paint - I depise painting!! I know it'll look great when you're done.

And BTW - Daniel used to announce every car, truck, schoolbus he saw! Thank goodness he seems to be passed that now!