Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, August 17, 2009

On being a Mommy. . .

In order to be a Mommy, you need to be prepared to:

*Be a clown: you need to be able to cajole your child to eat/dress/go potty/pick up his toys or clothes/be quiet/speak up respectfully and in a way to show that child it's okay/fun/entertaining and informative. Your child needs to feel safe in performing these activities, too.

*Be a healer/comforter/maker of things that are right. All children get sick or hurt at some point or another. It's the law of nature. Mommy needs to be ready to take care of whatever that ails the child.

*Be a philosopher, ready to provide discourse on whatever questions (Why Mommy???) that may pop up. However, that discourse should be in terms understandable to the child or you may end up with one like mine who properly uses the phrase, "That's your perogative!" : )

*Be an Interpreter, ready to interpret what that whine/mumble/grunt/etc. might mean to other family members or friends.

*Be a good listener. You NEVER know when something will come back to hit you in the backside.

*Be the Fashioner Coordinator. Using input from the child, your fashion sense can shine and your child can always look well dressed and appropriate for the weather and/or occasion.

*Be the Planner/Scheduler making sure that the childs extra-curricular activities are appropriate, timely, and at the right time for nap/meal time/ or church.

*Be the Approver/Protector making sure that the child is able to make decisions on his own while also making sure the child stays safe.

These are such great and amazing tasks and responsibilities and mostly don't require a lot of thought or effort, just a lot of love. However, if Mommy should be sick or fall off her game even for a moment, all H E Double toothpicks enevitably strikes.

And, remember these are all in addition to being the good housewife/partner/lover to your mate!!

Life is good!! I love being a Mommy. . .

I have to add here something that has been bothering me: a friend recently made mention to me that having Aidan was probably not at all like I thought in that it isn't like having another dog. . .GASP!! What? Really? I actually never thought it would be anything close to having another dog!!! Good grief. . .

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Troy and Rachel said...

What a great (and true) list.

What?? You mean adopting Aidan wasn't like adopting a dog (GASP!)?!?!?! Next time tell them the paperwork for a dog is much easier so if you think of doing it again you'll be sure to take that into consideration!