Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Shopping I will go. . .A Shopping I will go. . .

Tax Free Weekend is here!! Tax Free Weekend is here!! A shopping I am going!!!

I picked up Aidan from school and off to the Outlet Mall we went. We live in Leesburg and we have our very own Premium Outlet Mall. Sweet! And, as an added bonus, Virginia offers a weekend where sales tax is not charged on all clothing, shoes and school or office supplies provided the individual item is less than $100. And, because of the economy, most stores are offering very deep discounts. So, it's the perfect time to supplement Aidan's wardrobe in preparation for fall and winter. . .

When we got to the mall, we walked over to Carters where everything was 50% off! that's right! All of the new fall and winter merchandise was 50% off. Then, we headed over to Gymboree. . .same deal!! Our final stop was Eddie Bauer. . .again, same deal! And, I had a $10.00 off coupon for Eddie Bauer. . .I came away with so many nice things for Aidan and a couple of Christmas presents for not that much money. I'm so excited about it!

Tonight, I got online and bought Aidan's new winter coat and snow pants from L. L. Bean. . .again a great discount and no tax! It's a nice coat, too. One that will last him two years like his last one did.

Tomorrow I am off to Dulles Town Center where I will head over to Baby Gap to see if they have any sweaters for Aidan and then off to Macy's to spend the $50. gift card I got from my dad for my birthday.

I'm not someone who really enjoys shopping, at least not physically in the store, but I love getting good deals like this. And to have gotten a great deal online (my preferred shopping method) it has added to my excitement and sense of shopping satisfaction.

Okay, so now I need to know when is the latest it is appropriate to have a garage/yard sale. . .I've got a lot of things/Aidan's old clothes to get rid of--I've given a lot away and still have a lot!

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Joy said...

I love a deal myself. I think you can still have a yard sale. I liek going to them when it is still warm out. It makes them easier to shope at.

My last yard sale I made over 400 dollars on stuff that I was so not using in my house.