Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yippee!! It's time!!

Tonight, the Redskins play their first Preseason game. . .woo hoo!! I'm so ready! And so is Aidan, of course. : )

My friend Allison is in town to help take care of my other friend, Dana. Dana is recovering so well from her surgery that Allison will be coming over to dinner and to watch the Redskins play the Ravens in Preseason Game #1. Now, Allison is a Cowboys fan (boo! hiss!)but we love her anyway!

We're hoping and praying that we're off to a good year with the 'skins.

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Michelle said...

i know i'm soooooo excited to see the skins play this year!!! football season is far too short. ;-)

nobody from outside the D.C. area understands why i love the redskins, because they DO kind of struggle a lot with winning... but i've lived here all my life and the redskins are part of me!!! :-D