Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, August 31, 2009

Only two months to get it done

Well, it's coming up on that time again. Time to think about what is Aidan going to be for Halloween??? We must decide so that Mama can get the costume made in time and with only two months to go, we sat down to have a serious discussion of what that will be.

First, Aidan wanted to be a Monkey. He wanted to be furry all over and be able to go ooh ooh ooh ooh aah aah aah aah. Goofy kiddo!

Fortunately, he changed his mind. Not that I couldn't do a Monkey, but I really wanted to do something cooler and more fun! One of Aidan's favorite movies these days is Night at the Museum (can't wait till Part II comes out on DVD since he has been to that Smithsonian!) and he loves Rexie. And so, drumroll please, we are going to a Dinasaur! He wants to swish a giant tail and ROAR like Rexie. . .

Not quite like Rexie in the movie, but CUTE nonetheless. Dontcha think???

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Joy said...

Oh he is tooo happy to get that costume. I have to get busy myself. I have 2 christening gowns to make and Anna's costume too. Yikes. I fear I will not be able to have my marathon sewing days to get projects done like before.