Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Little Smarty Pants. . .

Two and half years ago, when we had just gotten the pictures and medical for Aidan, we were referred to an IA doctor in Fairfax. He was really good and is world renowned for his intellect specifically concerning Internationally Adopted children.

We made our conference call and sent all of the information, reports and pictures, on for his pre-review. There was a lot of scary information and words in the record, but we were able to eliminate much of his through our own research. Knowing that the scariest of information provided was really a non-issue, we were ready to hear what the good doctor had to say.

Basically, he confirmed all that we had already found out. And, he confirmed what we thought in that he did not have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. But, he went on, this child would need some special attention during his school years and would not be going to Harvard!

My spine straightened and stiffened and I thought, That’s my son you’re talking about! I didn’t want him to go to Harvard anyway. I want him to go to UVA!
Upon meeting my son for the first time, I realized that there was nothing wrong with his intelligence. . .this was later confirmed by our translator who indicated that many of the children in Russia, particularly those in orphanages, are “branded” in some way in order to get State Funding. She was glad we were going through with this adoption because she felt that many things in Aidan’s medical were part of that “branding.” I should add here that should anything come up that I feel is related to adoption, I will still go back to this doctor.

Fast forward two and half years. . . we had decided on Winwood Preschool specifically with the things our IA doctor had said in the back of our minds. It’s expensive, but it is education oriented and really strives to prepare the children for school. It’s working!

This morning, when dropping Aidan off at school, I had just pulled into the parking lot to park when I noticed an airplane taking off at Leesburg Airport. Here is our conversation that followed:

Mommy: Aidan, look! There’s an airplane taking off! How neat. (thinking here that he would think it was cool to see a plane taking off)
Aidan: Yea. That has to do with gravitation.
Mommy: What?????
Aidan: Yea. The earth has gravitation and the plane can go against that and still take off into the sky.
Mommy: Oh my goodness!!!

When I talked to his teacher about this, once in his classroom, she confirmed that, yes, they did talk about gravitation. . .about two months ago!

I need to get him a new UVA hoodie. . .his old one is almost too small. . .


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful! We knew that doctor didn't know who he was talking about!!!!!

Kristine said...

What a stupid doctor...wonder where he went to school!

You should totally skip UVA...and think about OU ;) Boomer Sooner!!!!

That Aidan is so handsome and I love how smart he is. I bet you were so blown away by that comment.

Talk to you soon.


Barb said...

Wow . . that is some memory!

We were also told that the "branding" was to allow children to be adopted internationally . . . Healthy children have to be adopted domestically, so they are often given a soft diagnosis to get around that law . . .

Teresa & Kevin said...

Hi Stacy,
I cannot believe that Dr. said that! He definitely did not know what he was talking about!
I am so happy to see how wonderful he is doing - He is so adorable!
Congrats on all your milestones! I can't believe how fast time is going - Sometimes I think the world is spinning faster...
Have a great weekend!

Joy said...

Too funny and what a smart kido you have there.