Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One to Go!!

As usual, the Post Placement visit flew by and was an absolute breeze. The only flies in the oinment were that we all had colds and Aidan decided to be shy around Kristin. . .our colds are doing better now, but Aidan is RARELY shy! It must his age. . .

We talked, or rather I talked! : ), for a full two hours about everything under the sun relating to Aidan: what he does during the day, his school-what he's learning; his height and weight; health and health issues; play time; sport activities. It was a beautiful day so Aidan was able to show off his bike riding abilities. Kristin was amazed, of course.

We showed off Aidan's growth chart and talked about how he has grown 9 inches since coming home two years ago--that is a lot! And about how he is actually NOT the biggest kid in his class. In fact, most of the boys are about his size. . .so, that tells me that he may have actually been a little behind two years ago. Hmmmm. . .didn't realize it at the time because he was my little chunkamonk!

Krisitn indicated that she thinks we are a very well adjusted family and it seems to her that Aidan really is a perfect fit. We already knew that, but it is awesome when your Social Worker tells you that, too!

Here are the pictures I took of Aidan and Kristin--I'm going to do a multiple picture frame of the one I took last year, this years and then I'll take some next year, too. I love it because Kristin is so important to us--she made us a family!

And so, now we only have one more visit. . .next year. . .and then we're done. I'm going to miss seeing Kristin and having an excuse to call, but it will be good to move on.

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sonflowerjax said...

Wow! It is so awesome to see how much fun your social worker is with Aidan! I love hearing of the growth and progress he has made since joining your family! A true miracle! :)