Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Recipe For Humble Pie

A couple of weeks ago, I read one of my blogger friends entries about how she was having some difficulty with cooking of late. In fact, she asked a specific question about the use of yeast and how something she had cooked using yeast had not turned out as expected. She went on to ask for advice.

Proudly, I gave some!

Well, you know what happens when pride enters the picture. . .all kinds of havoc. And havoc it was!!

THE VERY NEXT MORNING, Aidan asked for some of my home made waffles, bacon and orange juice for breakfast. Happily, I went off to the kitchen to oblige.

I got the bacon going and then set the table, pouring the orange juice as I went. I then came back and started the waffle dough and, because we like our syrup warm, set the syrup bottle in a pan of water to warm up on the stove.

A few minutes later, I smelled something kind of different. The bacon was a little over crispy: I like to by the Center Cut Bacon and this package the slices were very thin. It's yummy, but doesn't need to be cooked as long. Oh well, the waffles and juice will be good and Aidan could have the couple of pieces of bacon that didn't over cook.

I started the waffles, but the batter looked funny. It was very thick, but wouldn't hold together. I tried to cook it anyway and proceeded to make a very big mess.

Along about this point in time I noticed another funny smell and a strange sound only to find out that the pan of water I had put the syrup bottle in had boiled down and the syrup bottle was now melting into the bottom of the pan! I swear it had not been going very long or very hot!

We had omlets with cheese that morning. . .and the edges only had to be cut off a little due to being a little overcooked.

I only saw a couple of smirks from the boys. . .

And so, I will not give cooking advice anymore. . .with or without pride. The cost to my pride is too great!

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Barb said...

That is just TOO funny! So I'm not the only one . . . on Thursday, I stupidly tried to make a cheesecake again (didn't I learn anything?) . . . only to end up with batter all over the cupboards, in my hair, on my back, etc. . . . don't ask . . .