Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Distractions, Tiredness, Reading, Redskins. . .

Well, as good as Aidan was last weekend at Ice Skating. . .he just couldn't keep his focus today.  He did really well, but just kept being distracted and skating off on his own.  Something we continuously need to work on. . .yes, I know.  He is only 4!

However, I think it may be because we're all so tired this weekend. . .The Awakening Fest was just up the road--totally awesome--and we could sit outside and listen to some wonderful Christian Rock without having to go anywhere.  Unfortunately, I found myself sitting in bed on Friday night at 10:00 listening to Third Day, clear as a bell, and singing along.  I say unfortunately because it was 10:00 at night and I could hear the music, and words, as clear as if I was right there at the Festival.  Hmmmm. . .Nice, but not when you and your family are trying to sleep--as much as we like Third Day!

At the suggestion of his teachers at Pre-K, I ordered some new reading and Math CD's to use on the computer.  I think he'll enjoy these!

They're uploaded and ready for when we have a little free time to play with them. . .whenever that might be!

And, just for the record, as happy as I was last weekend with the results of the Redskin game. . .let's just not talk about it, okay?

Have a great week!

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