Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Well, we're off to a good start in Pre-K.  Aidan gets the wiggles, but what 4 year old doesn't, I ask you???  He is already doing really well, though.  And he's really happy to be back with all of his friends, although he did say he missed his "little" friends from the other room. . .

As with any child, the first day of school pictures is a big deal. . .okay as with any Mama. . .And so, this year being no different than last year nor any of the years to come, Mama was out on the front porch early yesterday taking a picture of my little man heading off to Pre-K!!  Look how grown up he's getting!

And, just for comparison's sake, here are last years pictures. . .

I know he's growing and changing right before my eyes, but I don't actually see it until I compare pictures like this!  sniff. . .it's happening sooo fast!

Aidan's daily schedule is awesome.  I drop him off just before 8:00, then he has outside play and then circle time followed by snack before the morning rotation.  The Morning Rotation last for two hours and consists of Creative Art, Technology (computer class), and Math.  Then the groups all come back together (there are three groups) and have Language Arts (Spanish) and then lunch.  After lunch is story time and then nap time.  Nap/Quiet time ordinarily lasts from 1:00 until 3:00, but a parent can opt for an earlier end.  I have asked Aidan to be up by 2:00 and I provided a Quiet time bag with coloring and other fun activities for him to do on his cot.  After nap, they have snack and then the Afternoon Rotation begins during which Aidan has Handwriting and Science.  Then they have outside play time, which is the time we pick him up.  So far, things are going really well!!

Adding on now, we started Swimming lessons again today.  Aidan did everything he was asked to do, but he had to be asked more than once. . .must continue to work on our listening skils!!  : )

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