Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I was born a mere 5 months before President Kennedy was shot.  As I grew up, I grew familiar with the questions of "Where were you when it happened?"  Although I knew it was a HUGE event in our American history, it was not personal to me.  In fact, it was a bit surreal.  So, my typical response, when conversations veered to this topice, was " In my crib!" 

My father has told me some memories he has of when Pearl Harbor happened. . .he was just shy of 4 and he knew, from his parents reactions, that it was a very big deal and "scare worthy."

Sadly, now more of us have the "Where were you when" questions. . .and answers. 

But. . .

My son doesn't remember 9/11.  He wasn't born yet!  In fact, the other day when we were driving down the street, we saw a man from the town putting up US flags on every pole and Aidan asked why.  I answered that a very important day was coming up that we need to remember. . .that we need to pray for our heros and some who are no longer with us. . .that we need a reminder of what happened that day.  He, of course, did not understand.  But, he also did not ask any more about it.  His 4 year old mind had already moved on.

He had already moved on. . .

Truly, haven't most of us?  Yes, we will always remember the horror of the day.  It was more than just shocking to be attacked here.  On our home turf.  But, now that 9 years. . .NINE years. . .have passed, I really like to think about the good that came from that day, both personally as well as Nationally.  

Nationally: I think people are a little more tolerant, Florida pastors aside.  In some ways, anyway.  I like to think that people understand eachothers differences more.  And, I like to think that there are more people attending services in their own religion, which I know God loves. . .the God we all believe in.

Personally:  I like to think I have opened my own mind to other religions.  I know I have tried to learn more about both Judaism as well as about Islam.  I have read much of the Jewish Bible as well as much of the Quran in this quest.  I really would love to finish reading them both in conjunction with the Christian Bible.  It is amazing how much the story really opens up!  The same story that is told in all three.  In fact, the Quran has the most amazing stories about Mary--yes, I am a Protestant who loves and adores Mary!  Mary is revered as a most Holy Lady in the Quran.  I think they have that right.  If Jesus is God's son, how could he be born of someone who is not Holy?? 

Anyway, I challenge you, on this Ninth Anniversary of a very tragic day, to not only remember where you were, but to also think about something, anything, good that has happened to you or our great Nation because of that day.

God Bless Us, One And All!

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