Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, September 6, 2010

Time To Get Back To Routine. . .

We have turned the page to a new month, a new routine and a new schedule. . .complete with a nearly new kitchen!  But, our final few days of summer were busy and exciting. . .

First, on the way home from picking Aidan up on Wednesday, I had stopped at a Stop sign and Aidan said, " S     T      O     P. . .Stop!"  That's right!!!  Wow.  He's already started to put the letters together for words. . .

My mom came into town last Wednesday evening and we have been the stay at home tourists since then.  On Thursday, we got up and ventured over to Mt. Vernon to check out all the changes that have been done at George and Martha's digs:

After lunch, we came back through Fairfax and stopped by Bethany to see our Social Worker, Kristin.  It wasn't a great day for a four year old boy, but Aidan was awesome all day long.  What a great kiddo he was!

On Friday we went over to Dulles Town Center and did all things Aidan. . .Rode on the train:

And bought Aidan a new nice winter coat (awesome wool coat with a hood. . .the tag said $52.00 and because of sales and my Gym bucks, I got it for $30.00) and slippers that are adorable. . .then off to the book store for a couple of books, a look around the Halloween store to see if there is a costume we can't live without (I guess I'm not making it this year : (  ) a little lunch at Chick Fil A and then a ride on the Merry Go Round:

Then we were off to the grocery store to get dinner supplies. . .as good as Aidan was the day before at Mt. Vernon, was as bad as he was that day at the mall. . .it was exhausting and at one point, I wanted to check the back of his head for a 666:

The good part of Friday happened at the grocery store when Aidan just blurted out Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday in a sing songy voice.  I was stunned!  I had no idea he knew all the days of the week!!

On Saturday, we drove up to Luray and went to the Caverns.  Awesome!!!  I have lived in Virginia for 31 years and never been there.  I must say that now that I have been there, I am sooooo going again!! 

These pictures don't really do it all justice.  Truly, these stalactite and stalagmite formations were just stunning. 

Sunday I finally bought the new refrigerator and it will be delivered next Saturday...Woo Hoo!!!  That and a nice dinner out with Grandma and Grandpa were about it for Sunday.

Mom leaves today around noon.  After breakfast, we plan to walk into town and just wander a bit until it's time to go to the airport.  This afternoon, Aidan and I will rest by getting his quiet bag ready for his Pre-K class (starts tomorrow!) and stewing up some tomatoes to try and catch up with what our garden is still producing. 

Swimming lessons start on Wednesday and Sunday School and Ice skating start next Sunday.  So our routine will revolve around those activites.

Time to get back to a good routine. . .


Joy said...

Looks like you had a great time. I bet your Mom was sad to go.

Christine said...

Knowing the days of the week is huge. I wonder how my two newest ones are going to learn since they are so much older.