Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Conversations about God. . .

Aidan has heard his Daddy and me talk about our old dog, Brutus, quite a lot.  I imagine he is starting to hear how much Brutus was loved, honored, and cherished by the comments we make about him.  In fact, I am positive Aidan hears the difference of how we talk about Brutus as compared to how we talk about Mosby and Maggie--not that Mose or Mags are bad dogs!!!  They are just. . .different that Bru was.

A few months ago, while driving to church, Aidan asked me what happened to Bru.  He had to leave us and go live with God.  "He's with God now?"  Yes.  He was very sick and couldn't stay with us anymore and he had to go and live with God.  "Oh.  Is he happy there?"  I'm positive he is happy there.  "That's really good.  I'm glad he's happy there."

More recently the conversation came up again and Aidan asked about God:  "Do people go live with God?"  Yes they do.  "Do they go there when they have been very sick, like Brutus was?"  Well, when they have been very sick, or sometimes if they have lived long enough here and their work is done here.  Thinking heavily about this, "So, people and dogs go and live with God when they have been very sick or if they are done living here."  Yes, that's right.  "Is it nice where God lives?"  It is a totally awesome place.  The best place you can ever imagine.  "I want to live with God, too, someday!"  Of course!  I think you will, but not for a very long time, okay?  "Okay."

Then, last night, the conversation picked up again. . ."So, if someone has been very sick and then goes to live with God, are they still sick?"  No.  They are well again and are no longer in pain or sick at all.  "What about Brutus?  Is he still sick?"  No.  He couldn't even walk when he had to leave us, but now he can run and jump and play and is chasing balls in heaven with God, just like Maggie and Mosby do here!  "What's heaven?"  That's where God lives.  "What planet is that on?"  : )

I just love how his mind works!!!  I know this is an ongoing conversation.  I just pray each time it comes up that whatever I say, it is with Gods words on my lips and His love shines through in whatever I say or do!!

P.S.  In other news:  The costume is done. . .I would give you a sneak preview, but have decided to withhold pictures until Halloween.  I will tell you that my husband is pleasantly surprised!!  Per him, "I didn't think it would turn out this good!!!  You're more creative than I thought!!"  : ) 

No new signs of the Ground Hog. . .I think he's gone!!  Thanks be to God!!


Doug and Shelly said...

Stacy--Loved the heaven conversation. Thanks for sharing!

Barb said...

Very cute, yet thought provoking conversations your little guy is starting these days!

I hope you don't get any more ground hog visitors:)

Joy said...

Very beautiful. He is a smart kido and is thinking up the next question for you. I think explaining the abstract to children who think in a more concrete fashion can be very hard.