Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Single Parenting. . .

No, I'm not a single parent, nor am I about to be.  However, there are times when I feel like one.  Lately, with Pat's insane work schedule, I have felt like a Single Mama in spades!!  In fact, Pat worked yesterday from 7 am until 4 am this morning. . .crazy!!  It's enough to make this Mama tired. . .and I have a re-newed respect for those who do go this alone all the time.

That being said, I am very fortunate because I can afford to have someone come and clean my house every other week--next year I am soooo going to have her come every week when I no longer have the $300 a week Preschool tuition bill!!  As someone who cannot stand a messy house, having two dogs and a four year boy create cleaning challenges that make me, an avowed clean freak, shudder.  But, with the blessed Sofia, our cleaning lady, I am able to spend Quality Time with the family both days of every other weekend and on one day on the other weekend.  But, with Daddy's insane work schedule, that means Quality Mommy and Aidan Time.

Yesterday, Aidan and I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and got the last of the items needed to finish his costume (work is progressing and I'll share it when it is complete); then we went to the ABC store because, well, it's that time of year when Mama likes a Bailey's before bed every so often; and then off to Target to get a couple of birthday presents for start of the fall birthday parties from Aidan's class. . .Okay, at Target we had to get a couple of other things too:  Halloween candy, Candy pumpkins, a funky candy bowl that has a hand that comes out and grabs the person who is getting candy. . .oh and milk.  The essentials, ya know??

Then, back home, we had lunch, did some laundry and then headed to the ice rink to practice some of the moves we've been learning.  Aidan did exceptionally well.  The one on one attention really does wonders for him!  Then we were off to get Aidan a hair cut--we've been going to Hair Cuttery and his hair just looks butchered. . .it's soooooooooo much better now!!

Back home again to wrap presents and then get cleaned up and changed and then we were off to Party #2 for the fall (#1 was two weeks ago).  This one was at Chuck E. Cheese. . .I think Daddy REALLY owes Mama big now because that is the second time I had to take him there for a party. . .by myself. . .ugh!!!

After Chuck E.Cheese, we came home for bath and a movie. . .Aidan was so exhausted by bed time, he fell asleep while I was reading him his first book!!  We usually do three. . .

Today, we headed out to church by ourselves, where Aidan decided, on his own, to go to Sunday School.  Usually I ask and he says no.  Today we went to our usual seats and then he said he wanted to go.  So I took him!  He made a new friend and I think he'll be back there again next week. . .yippee!!  Quiet worship time for Mama!!!

After that, Daddy was up and ready to take the kiddo to Ice Skating Lessons without Mama and then they are going to an Open House at one of the area Fire Houses. . .More quiet time for Mama!!!

What am I doing with my quiet time this afternoon--other than writing here--??  I made an Apple Pie, some Chicken and potatoe stew, and now I'm going to work on the costume. . .I might even watch a little Redskins in a couple of hours! 

I love weekends like this, although I would have loved it more if Daddy had been with us on our running around yesterday!

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Joy said...

I think the bestest adjustment for me is not having any free time. I hope you have a great rest of the day.

PS I was thinking about you guys and ice skating today. I am thinking about a trip to our ice rink for Anna how old was Aidan when he started?