Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Keeping The House In Order

Gone are the days when Aidan would yell from the back seat:  "Wook!!  Wook!!  Mama!!  Kool but!!"  or "Eye Achin', Mama?"  or (squeal!)  "Sky beep beep!!" 

Now we hold real conversations where Aidan tells me about hibernation and why the seasons change which causes changes in the temperatures and the leaves to change color and fall off the trees. . ."We're experiencing Autum right now, Mama." 

The other day I picked Aidan up from school and told him we needed to go get gas and then go to the grocery store.  Mama would be gone for a couple of days on a business trip and I needed to make sure Aidan and Daddy had enough supplies at home.  While the gas was pumping, Aidan asked me to go over my list with him--he wanted to make sure I had enough of the good stuff for him, I guess.  He then proceeded to pull out a pen and paper and began making his own list!

Disclaimer:  he is technically able to be out of the car seat and into a booster--43ish pounds now--but he still fits in this one and my car is the one he is in most of the time. . .safety, you know??

Anyway, I went away and was separated from my baby for only the second time since we came home with him 2 1/2 years ago.  It is hard to be apart from him!!!  But, it is a necessary thing at some point and I really should be doing it more often, whether I like it or not. 

This time I dropped Aidan off at school on Wednesday morning and then headed, by car, down to Wintergreen Resort.  Wintergreen is up in the mountains about an hour southwest of Charlottesville.  It is absolutely beautiful!  Believe it or not, I had my camera with me and forgot to take pictures.  I was so busy enjoying the view. . .Okay so I was there on business, but the view can't be ignored!!!

But, my goodness it was cold!!  On Wednesday afternoon, I had a pedicure at the spa, which is at the top of one of the ridges.  While schmoozing with some of my agents and waiting to be called back, I watched clouds coming over a ridge a little further away and I would swear they were snow clouds!!  It actually stayed in the 40's all that day and I was very glad I had grabbed my cold weather Loudoun Mutual jacket on the way out the door. . .

After the meeting and lunch on Thursday, I headed back home.  But, not until I picked up a little something for Aidan and the shop in the Lodge. . .

This hat is sooooo nice!  It has a nice fleece lining and is really thick.  There are dinosaurs on it and the main color is green, Aidan's favorite.  Best of all?  It fits his head!!!!It will go nicely with his snow pants and jacket.  (not that he'll care!!)  As a matter of fact, when I gave him the hat, he started crying and said he had wanted me to bring him a toy!  hmmmmm. . . .problem brewing. . . .spoiled child alert!!!!  Beep!!  Beep!!  sigh. . . .

I also brought back some brochures about Wintergreen.  Pat and I had gone down there years ago and we just plain forgot it was so beautiful and so close!  We just might take a few days some time this winter and go down there with Aidan and check out some skiing. . .we have a lot of time off just after Christmas, so it might even make a nice Family Christmas present.  And, Wintergreen would make a nice place for a Girls Weekend. . .

Well, I'm off to my day.  I have a few things to catch up on here at home and I heard Aidan coughing so I need to check on that.  It's going to a beautiful day.  Perfect for getting the house in order and then going to buy some fall plants for the garden.  Enjoy your day!

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Joy said...

I am going to do a search for that place. You know me Ilove to travel to pretty much any where but if it is beautiful and fun I am so there.