Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Weather, Fairs, and Weekends. . .

October.  I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am that it is October!  A week ago it was still hovering in the mid to upper 90's.  Today it barely hit 70. . .late in the day!  The 5 inches of rain we got over Wednesday night to Thursday night may have created some mud and flooded streams (and the Potomac, although not near us!) but it also scrubbed the air and made everything fresh and clean again.  That hot dry summer was clean washed away!

But, the problem with mud is that this is the weekend of the Waterford Fair!  I work in Waterford, Virginia--the only business in town, other than the Post Office!--It's a quaint little town founded by Quakers in about 1732 or so.  Beginning in about 1940 or so, the Waterford Foundation has gone about painstakingly preserving the town for development and attempts to keep it the same with no changes at all.  There are Preservation Easements on the inside and outside of most of the homes in the village, which itself is on the Historic Landmark list.

The fair is pretty nice, as fairs go.  It's expensive to get in, and the crafts sold are kind of pricey too, but the Crafters depend on the sales in order to live.  The Foundation takes a cut of all proceeds, which doesn't seem really nice, but then they do sponsor the event. 

Here are a couple of pictures of one of the areas, the park my company owns which is right next to our parking lot:

As usual, the President of our company gave us a two hour lunch in order to wander around the fair, provided we wore our Loudoun Mutual shirts!  After we ate, I bought some of my usual items: Apple Butter, Cherry Preserves, a treat for Aidan, home made Beeswax candals, and some home made Carmel Corn.  Yum!

After we all got home, we walked into town where I got a new walking tour guide of Civil War happenings for Leesburg (btw: Waterford was Pro-Union and Leesburg was totally not!!  Only 10 minutes drive apart, too). 

We then took Aidan to the Train Store and the Dog Store and then some more walking around before going to the old Shoe Store for dinner--not such a great dinner, but what are you going to do?  Tomorrow, I am hoping to get back downtown to walk the Civil War walk and discover some new-old history I didn't know.  I alreay found a discrepancy in the brochure, though.  sigh. . .

Thank you all for your prayers and suggestions for while Aidan was sick.  He is much better and actually went back to school yesterday.  He did a lot of this on Wednesday:

I think that did the trick. . .Back to his usually self. . .bouncing off the walls and talking a mile a minute!

That's about it for now. . .busy weekend ahead:  Daddy is working another double shift tomorrow, so Mama is taking Aidan to the Ice Rink to practice and then to Chuck E. Cheese for a dreaded Birthday Party ( I still fail to see why my Office Mate thought that was funny!)  Daddy will be home on Sunday and has promised to take Aidan to Ice Skating lessons--without mama!! and I will work some more on the Spider Costume, which is coming along!!

Happy Fall y'all.  Have a great weekend!

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Michelle said...

Glad to hear Aidan is feeling better. Such a sweet picture!! =)