Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun. . . Weekend Fun!!

We have been having some fun this weekend, but it was also mixed with some work. . .

I took a half day off on Friday--Pat is on the Midnight shift and I find it difficult to clean and keep Aidan occupied at the same time.  So, I cleaned about half the house on Friday.  Then I clean a lot more on Saturday.  Today I finished the Basement floors. . .yesterday was a nice day off from cleaning!!

However, also on the schedule was a birthday party on Saturday!!  Aidan's good buddy Jack turned 5 last Thursday and they celebrated at Pump it Up on Saturday evening. . .Funny thing about Jack.  He is from Pksov, Russia.  Aidan and Jack found each other at school. . .

I think they look adorable together with twins Hailey and Sydney--from right here. . .

In addition to the birthday party, hockey started on Friday night. . .we are sooooo excited about hockey season being here!!

But, even better, the Redskins played on Sunday and won!!!  They beat Green Bay in Overtime. . .definitely a great game.  It shows where they can go from here.  And, they are on top of the NFC East!!  Yeah Baby!!

I got a lot done on the Spider costume yesterday.  I just need to add the velcro to the hat and do the hem on the main part of the costume.   Then,  I want to add fishing line to the arms to have them move whenever Aidan's arms move.  It really is turning out nice.

I was off again today.  I went ahead and took Aidan to school so I could finish planting our fall flowers out front and then clean the basement floors.  The floors took me a full 1 1/2 hours!!  yikes. . .But, they look really great now. 

Pat and I picked Aidan up together, a little early, and surprised him with a trip to Pumpkinville.  There were animals to pet, slides to go down and large inflated moon bounces to bounce in.  We had a blast.  And, as part of our fee, we got three small pumpkins and then bought another large pumpkin.  Now we have three small and three large pumpkins.  Perfect!!

Petting the baby deer. . .if Aidan (and the deer) only knew!  Predator Daddy looks on. . .

A camel. . .from our parade???

Pumpkin painting!!

Petty a baby goat. . .

Loving on the Mama goat!!

That's about it.  We're back to work and normal schedules tomorrow.  But, until then, Go Caps!!  And Yeah 'Skins!!  We're loving our sports these days!  : )


Barb said...

So, I accidentally deleted my reading last a while back, so that's why I've not been visiting you for a bit! So sorry.

Don't ya just love autumn, and all the fun outings that go with it!!??

sonflowerjax said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day together yesterday! Love the fact that he has a Russia buddy at school! :)