Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Grab a Glass. . .

I have to whine a little and am willing to share!

It's the excessive heat.  I know I wasn't whining about it the other day, but now I am.  I. am. so. hot!!  I probably shouldn't be whining about this.  Afterall, we do have wonderful air conditioning in our home. . .we replaced our air conditioner 2 years ago and it is working beautifully; we have fantastic ceiling fans in all four bedrooms, plus two more on the main level, and three in the basement. . .and they are/have been running continuously; we have room darkening shades and curtains on all bedroom windows closed up tight and insulated shades on our southwestern facing windows also closed up tight. . .our house is comfortably cool. . .and dark. . .and yet I find myself wanting to knock that thermostat down a couple more degrees!  But I dare not. . .the husband might not like it. . .he does work for the power company and would likely give me the evil eye for doing such a dastardly deed.

Aye me. . .

I do know that those Rec Room ceiling fans in the basement work wonderfully especially when I am running on the treadmill in the morning. . .wish I had thought of that before!!!

How did my Siberian son learn to love such heat????  Oh yeah.  It's probably a memory of the hot hot buildings in Russia. . .

Better go so I can call him back inside to cool down before bedtime. 

Night y'all!

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