Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

Well, we are packing up and getting ready to head west for our family vacation.  We're very excited about it all except for the fact that our flight leaves tomorrow morning at 6:00 am. . .Yes, 6:00 am!!  What was I thinking??? 

We dropped Mosby off with Grandma and Grandpa last night and tonight we will drop Maggie off to visit with her brother, Mosby Junior.  We will miss them!  Our neighbor will come and take care of Cleo kitty. 

I haven't posted many pictures lately and will try, on this post, to get copies uploaded of Aidan's latest school pictures.  They are really cute.  But, I do promise to have tons of pictures of our trip upon our return!  Desert, Disney and beach. . .it's going to be great!!

Meanwhile, I have a few really funny Aidan stories to share, and some are even at my own expense, so prepare yourselves!

First, this past weekend, I took Aidan to the pool on Saturday to try and cool off.  We had fun with some friends and I realized that my son has all of a sudden become a fish!  There may even be gills growing behind his ears!!  I am an over protective mom so this was a hard fact for me to realize.  : )  We stayed at the pool for about 2 1/2 hours and then came home.  It was actually only marginally refreshing because it was soooo hot!!!  Friday had been 106 with a 118 heat index and Saturday was only slightly better.  Yuck!

Sunday, Aidan and I went to the ice rink, where it was much much cooler, and practices stopping and one foot skating.  While there, we saw Coach Joe from Mini Mites.  Coach Joe is awesome and even took Aidan over to the other rink for about 15 minutes of one on one time.  By the time we left, Aidan was really stopping good!  Thank you Coach Joe.  I also had the opportunity to talk to him about what to sign Aidan up for this fall.  Mini Mites is during the week in the middle of the day--not feasible for us due to Kindergarten and Day Care.  So, the option will be to sign him up for Saturday mornings for the hour lesson and the regular 1/2 hour lesson on Sunday.  He'll be ready to play in the Spring this way and then next year we can sign him up for Mites, the House League.  Coach Joe assured me that Aidan is strong enough to skate with the bigger boys and this way he can continue to learn what he has been learning this summer.  Cool!

The electronic board has gone out in my Tahoe and I can no longer tell what speed I am going.  The Grmin has a spedometer so we are safe and able to still go the speed limit.  But, Aidan is fascinated by this.  He is constantly asking, "Mama, are you going the speed lemon??  I'm not sure because your menometer isn't working.  It says 120!"  We are getting the thing replaced, after our vacation, to the tune of $1,000!  Grr. . . .

This weekend, we were in the basement trying to sort through and clean up some of the toys. . .man does that kid have a lot of cars and trucks!!  I had turned the TV on to provide something for Aidan to do for those moments when I didn't want him seeing where some of his old toys were going.  At one point a Lifeline commercial came on and Aidan got very excited and said, " Mama!!!  Look!!!  This is what you need so if you fall you won't be alone and can call someone!!"  I love that kid.  It only hurt a little and thne only because this wasn't too long after the "I don't want you to get older because you might shrink." comment.  I think he might take good care of me when I get old. . .although it looks like he'll insist on a Lifeline!!  : )

My son has an absolute fascination with fire.  He talks about fire trucks, smoke detectors and burning buildings quite a bit.  And when he isn't, he is making up things and playing with them.  Sunday evening, he built this thing out of his Kinex that was like a large block but had things coming off it in the front and back.  He explained to me that it shoots fire out the front and can also shoot fire out the back and that if they shot fire from the front and back at the same time, "It will splode the house, Mama!"  Where does he get this stuff????

Well, I'm having touble loading the pictures but promise to get them onto this post today sometime.


Joy said...

Have a great time on vacation. I know he will love Disney Land.


Melissa said...

Hope vacation is great! Enjoy your time away. As for being my devil's advocate....I'm drawn to her. Not so sure about the others. Colby says no to sharing his bedroom and Mike looks at me like I have 3 heads. So, I'll step back and see what happens. Maybe not pushing will make Mike stop and think about it and it just might happen anyway. We'll see. Thanks for the advice though.

Kate said...

Vacations are always fun, have a great stay.
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