Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Friday, July 8, 2011

Put Cancer On Ice

As most of you know, my mom has battled cancer off and on for a little over 12 years.  It has not been pretty nor has it been fun.  But, I am happy to say that the most recent bout is over and she is, once again, enjoying reasonably good health.  Thanks be to God!  The power of prayer really came through here!

As some of you also know, my dear friend Dana has not been so lucky.  She has not done as well and things look a little more dire each time I hear an update on her prognosis.  As you will perhaps remember, the doctors had said in December 2009 that she would not see Easter 2010.  So, we celebrate a simple victory over this insidious disease now that she has made it to July 2011! 

Dana underwent Gamma knife surgery on the brain tumors in January of this year down at UVA hospital.  It was a success and she enjoyed some very positive results.  She was even able, for a short time, to resume driving some.  She underwent a second round of the Gamma knife surgery in early June and also had an MRI of her spine due to some difficulty in walking that had cropped up.  So far, the Gamma knife surgery results were good again.  However, the MRI revealed some new lesions on the spine.  A step forward and then a giant step backward.

Dana was admitted to Loudoun Hospital on Tuesday, July 5th to have an intense round of Chemotherapy directed at the lesion on the spine.  It is anticipated that she will remain in the hospital until next Monday or so.  While there, she will be doing much cleansing of her system to try an not have the organs over affected by the Chemo in the hopes that the treatment does not cause further damage to her already damaged poor body.  I ask that you join me in prayer for Dana and her husband Rob as they continue in this horrible fight.

Disease. . .dis ease. . .

In addition to prayer, here is an awesome link to an event that, I believe, is another great way to help fight this disease and find a cure.  

I think we'll go to this.  What a great way to have some fun while exposing my son to the idea of doing something good for a cause that means something to me and our family!  Perhaps we'll see you there!

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We took down the website last year, but you can find the Dave Fay Memorial hockey game info on Facebook @ "Dave Fay Memorial" Say Hi next Saturday !!!

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