Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Busy Week and Interesting Conversations

Wow.  Here we are at the final week of summer. . .well, not actually, but school starts next week already and my baby is heading to Kindergarten!  Time sure did fly fast!

5 years ago, about now, we decided to adopt from Russia and four years ago this week we sent our Dossier off and now we're preparing to send our baby boy off to Public School for the first time. . .please treat him kindly and help him to maintain his sweetness!

On Thursday we, Aidan and I, are going to his new Elementary School to meet his teacher, Mrs. Taylor and to see his classroom.  I'm excited.  Aidan seems a bit non-commital about it, but maybe that will change when actually get there.  Friday Aidan will be home in the morning with Pat and then I'll take over in the afternoon.  We are going to the dentist for a routine cleaning--at which time I also plan to ask about when we should expect our first visit from the tooth fairy--and then we'll head off to get a hair cut.  Dinner with Grandma and Grandpa will complete our day.

I have tentative plans to head to the pool--it is only open until Labor Day so we gotta take advantage of that!--but that will depend on what Irene is doing.  She could be making a nuisance here for us.  If she does come up here, then we'll go to the Ice Rink, if the winds aren't too bad, or we'll stay here and play games.  Basically, I'd like a low key last weekend before school starts.

Aidan has been asking a lot of questions lately about where he comes from.  I attribute it to his age and understanding more.  He recently asked Pat if his name used to be Steopa.  It's been a long time since we called him Steopa--more than three years.  He has heard the name, but I didn't realize he associated it with himself at all.  When I asked him yesterday if he remembered being called Steopa, he said no.  So, then I asked him how he knew that had been his name.  He just said he knew it.  I started to ask him another question and he pointed to a bunch of mushrooms and said, "Look at all those mushrooms, Mama!  We can't eat those because they might be poisonous!"  Okay, enough for one day. 

I'd like to go over more details of his story with him before school starts, so that he is aware that he is special and loved more than anything.  I guess we'll give him more of the details and then leave it alone again and wait for him to ask questions as he is ready.  That seems to be working so far and he is absolutely accepting of it all. 

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