Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Day The Iron Curtain Came Down

20 years ago today, there was a coup in Soviet Russia. . .the Soviet Union.  It marked the beginning of the end of the curtain hiding the land our son came from.  It was the beginning of Americans going to Russia to bring our babies here to raise them.  Thanks be to God for Mr. Gorbachev and Mr. Yeltsin and even Mr. Putin who have made it all possible.

It was not an easy time for them nor has it been an easy time for them.  But, they have come a ways in those 20 years.  It may not be the Democracy those of us in the West dreamed of and hoped for, but it is not the closed book that existed before.  It is a start. 

Great relationships are like fine wine.  The longer they age together, the better they become.  I am hoping ours will continue to age and meld and become something great.

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Doug and Shelly said...

Amazing picture! I can only imagine what it was like that day--I'm sure similar to when Berlin Wall came down in 89.