Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, August 15, 2011

End of Summer Project Mode

Well, the weathermen had it wrong again!  They had said we would have sunny skies Saturday morning with building clouds in the afternoon and periods of rain.  Sunday was supposed to be rainy all day with periods of heavy downpours.  I planned our weekend based on that prediction. . .Saturday was cloudy all day with some rain in the afternoon and then Sunday was mostly sunny with big white fluffy clouds all day. . .it did rain, and heavy too, but not until after the sun went down!!!  Yes, big thunderstorms right at bed time, which meant that I had a little sweatball named Aidan plastered to my side all night!  : )  Ah well.  I still had a very productive weekend!

Saturday I exchanged a jacket I had bought for Aidan--a 5/6 for a 7/8. . . and then we had a nice dinner with Grandma and Grandpa at On The Border--definitely going for the salad next time and fewer chips and salsa!!  : )

Sunday we made it to the 9:00 service at church--all three of us!!  And we almost convinced Aidan to go to Children's Chapel. . .maybe next week.  Definitely need to get him to understand we don't interrupt people when they are praying.

At home, I converted a whole lot of Basil to Pesto and then made salsa with the plethora of tomatoes and some onions and cilantro from our garden.  All I had to add to that was some store bought jalepenos.  Later this week, I'll need to stew some more tomatoes too.

Then we took Aidan to see The Smurfs.  Very cute and funny movie!  Aidan really enjoyed it.  The song got old after about 5 minutes, but we had fun!

This week I'll be back in Project mode:  Aidan's closet is next.  And next week I'm hoping to work on one of the Guest Rooms which has become a catchall.  I need to sort through all the things that have accumulated in there and pitch and toss!

I wonder if I'm focusing on all of the Projects so much right now because it's the end of summer???  I think I was supposed to be working on these all summer long. . .

I'm also going to be working on Aidan's table manners.  He's never been very good at the dinner table, but lately it has become really horrible.  Im looking for ideas on how to handle this situation.   He's a good kid, but has become a little undisciplined lately--maybe it's just because of it being summertime.  Probably a lot will change once school starts. . .I hope!

One thing I also want to try with Aidan is signing him up for the Kids With Purpose program at our church.  They get together every other Wednesday for an hour and a half and they go out and do things for other people.  It's an Outreach and Service ministry for children.  They go out and make a difference in our community by helping out with homeless shelters, women & children's shelters, animal rescue, senior centers, Interfaith Relief and so on.  This will be an excellent way to help Aidan focus outward instead of on himself all the time.  The sessions will run from 4:00 until 5:30, which will work out perfectly with our schedules--Pat can drop him off and I can pick him up.

Aidan  is also signed up for his next Hockey lesson, which will be Saturday mornings.  Next week I'll be signing him up for Mini Mites again, which will be Saturday afternoons. . .Saturdays wll be at the Ice House and Sundays will be free for just church!  Yeah!!!

That's it for now from the land of the Adventurous and Project Minded Harrison's!

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Barb said...

The Kids with a Purpose program sounds great:) I'm impressed with your projects . . I have a whole lot over here that needs getting done (hint, hint).