Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, August 29, 2011

The First Day of School

Well, it happened.  The first day of school arrived and we all survived.  But my emotions were all over the place!  I have stories and pictures to share, but I thought I would start with a picture of Aidan from two years ago.  It was his first day at Winwood and my emotions that day were similar to todays. 

Look how huge that backpack looks!!

So, today came.  Although I had the day off, I got up early so I could get my workout and shower in before Aidan got up.  I had enough time to make him some chocolate doughnuts. . .the only problem with these was that, although I had bought the mix and the pan from the same place, they did not specify that the recipe would make 10-12 regular sized doughnuts. . .I have the mini doughnut pan!  So, they turned out funny looking.  Good, but funny looking!

But, without further ado, here is my baby, posing on the porch, ready for his first day in public shool:  Kindergarten here he comes!!!

Yes, the backpack is the same.  He looks so grown up here!!  His legs look like they grew two feet in the past two years!  Yes, these pictures are only two years apart.  Crazy!!

Daddy was able to go to work a little late and joined me in taking Aidan to school for the first day.  Yippee!!!  Consdering he is on 16 hour days for the foreseeable future, this was awesome!

So, we headed to the school where Aidan and I got out and then waited for Daddy by the front door.

A little trepidation was starting to set in, so I tried to comfort him. . .as best I could without letting him see the tears starting in my own eyes!  But then we headed in:

Okay so far!  But then we got to his classroom where a little boy started crying. . .and my watery eyes got more watery. . .and Aidan looked back at us with a very pale and pinched face and. . . I realized we had to leave right away!!

While Aidan was at school, I kept myself busy so as to not be obsessed with him being there. . .okay, I tried!  : )  But, really, I did get to the post office to mail my sisters birthday present and then came home and baked chocolate chip cookies so Aidan would have a great after school snack!  Then, at 11:00, I headed back to the school to hide out and make sure he got on the Winwood bus safely. . .it worked!  I ran into Pat who was working a trouble call across the street from the school (convenient, eh???) and he and I hung out, surreptitiously, watching the school for signs of our son.  He came out and was ushered onto the Winwood bus as planned and then he was off to his after school care.  I, laughing at me and my husband, headed to the jewelers to get my pearls restrung and a watch fixed. . .

The really cool thing was that Winwood called me to tell me that Aidan had arrived there safely and that he seemed happy and fine.  Awesome!!  When I got home, I checked him out on the Winwood cameras and then planned a little final quiet time for myself (cleaning and organizing the file cabinet!) and then headed up to Winwood to pick up my son.  Who didn't want to leave yet!!!  sigh. . .

Once home, the snack was appreciated and he's been playing the rest of the afternoon.

While he has been occupied, I took care of the moutain of paperwork that arrived in the backpack.

According to Aidan, I will not need to take him all the way to his room tomorrow (a small feat today, I might add).  He says he'll be able to walk himself once inside the school!  : |

Aidan says he is really really tired. . .  : ) (I can't make that a bigger smile!!) so I think we'll be off to bed about 7:30 tonight. . .this is huge considering he's been known to stay up until 9:30 most nights due to naps at Winwood. . .but. . .No. More. Naps!!!!  Can I hear your hallelujah???? 

I think the jury has come in with a favorable response on this school thing.  Hopefully, they don't change their mind over the coming days!


Doug and Shelly said...

Congrats Big Boy Aidan!! :)

sonflowerjax said...

Just now catching up on blog world...Hooray for Aidan!!! So happy he loves school so far! And, my has he gotten tall!! :-)