Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Jury Is Out. . .

Today was the big day. . .but then again, what day this week hasn't been big??  Seriously though, today I took Aidan over to his Elementary School to meet his teacher and to see his classroom. 

We arrived a little early and had to wait to go in.  This is Aidan's reaction to being there.  The look followed him saying, "Mama, I just want to go back to my school."

Then we headed into the classroom and Aidan was asked to look for his name tag while I filled out the transportation form.  He had a little trouble because the 'i' was not what he is used to.  He will be wearing this nametag every day for the coming week.  Hopefully, he'll get used to it.

He wore the nametag for a short time while we walked around looking at the new room.

But, then it came off.  Luckily, he seemed a little happier once he found some puzzles he could play with. 

The Principle came in at one point and came to talk to me for a while.  I guess I looked lost, or unsure, or something.  I think he tried to reassure me by telling me that both the Teacher and the Assistant Teacher are both certified.  I know I was supposed to impressed, but all three of his teachers for the past two yars in Preschool have been certified.  I'll try, though.

We stayed the full half hour, but Aidan was antsy to go about 10 minutes into it.  I did speak, briefly, with his new teacher, Mrs. Taylor.  I don't know how this will go, but she said I will need to drop him off with her or Mrs. Brown, the assistant teacher, out front of the school.  I should not come into the room because Aidan might be too clingy that way.  As if he won't be clingy any way I drop him off!  

Aidan's reactions broke my heart.  I am really hopeful he comes around and will open up and be the wonderful little boy I know that he is.  Maybe the excitement of being out with Mama in the middle of the day, uncharacteristically, is to blame.  I hope so because I don't know how I'll bear it if he is this down this coming week!

I guess I can chalk my reactions up to the fact that we are now moving from a safe very private closed environment into a public domain.  I just need to relax!  : /

Now if Irene would just go away!  I might be able to relax!  But, alas, I hear her eye is going to be about 50 miles to the east of Washington, D. C. . .we live 30 miles west of that. . .we're very likely going to feel full hurricane force winds unless she chills out some!

And so, our last weekend before public school does not appear to be the calm relaxing one I was hoping for. . .

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Melissa said...

As a mom, his reaction breaks my heart too. As a former Kindergarten teacher, now a Reading Specialist, his reaction is pretty typical for some kiddos. The first week or so might be hard but I know Aidan will get into the swing of things and he'll start to like his new school. Changing schools is tough. Colby isn't happy about a new school this year either but now that we saw his teacher and the room once he seems a little better. Mommy is a wreck as I send him off to full day Pre-K but the boys will adjust quickly.
P.S. Our first day is supposed to be Mon but with the hurricane we just might have it canceled. Ugh!