Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Follow Up Call From The School

So yesterday, I marched with righteous (trying not to be self righteous, of course) indignation into Aidan's school.  Aidan was a little confused when I came with him past the entrance of the library, but seemed happy enough.  When we entered his classroom, one of the teachers said hello, you are Troy's gran. . .and the other teacher jumped right in and said Aidan's Mom!  Right. . .do I look like a grandmother?  Okay, I am old enough, but come on!!!

My righteousness deflated a little. . .

But, I forged on ahead.  My son had been wronged!  I will stand up for him!!  I stumbled through a little of the early story and basically said we didn't have the book that was missing and indicated that I felt Aidan had been confused about it because when asked he pulled out his legitimately checked out book.  I also told them that he felt like he would be in trouble if it was not returned on Monday, which was why I was there instead of having written a note.

The main teacher, Mrs. Taylor (who is the one who started to call me someones grandmother), jumped right in with apologies and assurances that Aidan wasn't in trouble and that we looked and didn't find it and that's all they can ask for.  All is well.  All is good.  And out the door I went.

Feeling a bit maneuvered!  But, well, okay.  I did what I had to do.  Onward to work!

Where I got a call about an hour later from the librarian at Aidan's school.  She had been out on Friday and had no idea of what was going on.  She had already found the book.  In the library.  She was horrified that we had been involved at all and offered to talk with Aidan with an an apology to him for his being involved at all.  Feeling pity for her, I said thank you but no.  We had already talked to Aidan and assured him all was well.  Let's all put this behind us and move on.  I thanked her for calling.

Lesson learned:  not all of the facts will be clear from the school.  Ask questions before getting upset with them.  They don't always know what is going on either!

Next up:  All of Aidan's Halloween Costume is here and we took pictures of him in it last night.  I'll post sneak peaks in a day or so, if you ask nicely!  : )

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