Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A First Week of School Review

We have had a great, but exhausting week!  Aidan is really enjoying going to Kindergarten.  At first I noticed that he wasn't really talking about it much.  Then he would talk about it, but seemed to be mixing things up between the Kindergarten classroom and with Winwood.  Then, by the end of the week, he had it straight.

He has quicly become very independent.  This little boy would cling to me every day when I dropped him off at Pre-K.  He would pout and tell me he didn't want me to leave him.  Now, I walk him into the school and leave him by the library where he then walks all the way down the hall and then around the corner to his classroom.  He told me that he wants me to drop him off at the curb starting next week. . .sniff.  we'll see!  Next he'll probably tell me he doesn't need a hug and a kiss!  (note my whiny voice in that statement). 

There has been a few days of paperwork associated with Kindergarten and I have set up Aidan's online payment center in order to pay the $20 a month in snacks.  There has also been a couple of evenings of homework--we had to find a picture of Aidan reading a book and then we had to do a page that included a picture of Aidan, a picture drawn by Aidan, and a story about who he lives with, pets, hobbies, sports, etc.  I think these assigments and paperwork have been designed to make sure the parent remains in a constant state of panic making sure he/she checks the backpack every night!  Did I check it?  Did I do everything I was supposed to ?? 

Wait a minute!  I'm not back in school!  Aidan is!  Right??  Okay, I'm the parent so I have to remain responsible.  I get it. . .  : )

A wonderful side effect of the school thing has been bed time.  This is amazing.  While in Pre-K--even through the summer--Aidan had to lay down on his cot from 12:30 until 3:00.  Yes, 2 1/2 hours.  He didn't have to sleep, but he had to be on his cot.  It's a rule of the Commonwealth of Virginia that requires all children in Day Care classes designed for children up to Kindergarten that they have to be on the cot for 2 1/2 hours.  Aidan lays down, he's going to go to sleep.  Especially since we have to have the pillow pet and blankie and Tigger with us each day--everyone else has theirs Mama!  I did take a Quiet Bag--activites that he could do, quietly, on his cot.  I then asked that if he fell asleep, please get him up by 1:30 and no later!  For the most part, I think the teachers did get him up, but sometimes maybe not.  In any case, up until the end of last week, we were lucky if Aidan was in bed and asleep by 9:30 at night.  I get him up at 6:45 in the morning.  With 2 1/2 hour nap/quiet time, that's a lot of rest!

This week, I am so very happy to report, we no longer have naps--we were no longer doing them during the weekend, either.  And, drumroll please, we have a new bedtime!!!!!!!  7:30!!!!!!!!!!  And, he sleeps now until 7:00 the next morning!!!!!!!!!  Truly amazing!!!!!  It does create a little bit of pressure to get home and do dinner, bath and have some fun family time before he is off to bed, but it is working.  Bedtime and book time have become quiet and relaxing.  It is no longer a struggle to get him to settle down--poor little guy just wasn't tired before!!!!  On Friday, I let him stay up a little longer, thinking he'd sleep a little later.  He came to me at 8:30, crawled in my lap and said, "Mama, I'm really tired.  Can I go to bed now?"  Who is this child???  : )

The other really cool thing about last week is that Aidan was introduced to the library at school.  I am terribly ashamed to admit that I have not ever taken Aidan to the library.  And we have a beautiful one right across the street at Ida Lee!!!  : /  I know how it sounds.  Honestly, I didn't just not do it, it just didn't happen for some reason!  We have lots of books.  But, I always buy them--I have never felt that a book fee was a frivolous expense.  Okay, I am lame.  I know.  I will need to change my ways.  Aidan LOVED the library!  He goes every Thursday at school and gets to check out any book he wants.  We then read it at home.  Fun!  So, now I need to plan a day when I take him over to the Ida Lee library and get him a library card. . .

We have not done much this weekend--Daddy is STILL working insane hours.  We stayed quiet yesterday, much to Aidan's dismay.  I had a horrendous sinus headache that made my forehead and face feel huge.  It's much better now, just a little residual pain in my eyes and that seems to be going, too.  I have promised Aidan he could play on the playground at church today.  Hopefully, it won't rain.  Tomorrow we have plans to have a little playdate with Catherine and her mommy and I can get caught up. 

We have crazy times coming:  my friend Allison will be arriving on Wednesday to stay with us for a week.  Our friend Dana is giving up the fight on her cancer so we are all gathering to say our goodbyes.  Terrible.  We also start hockey next weekend with Aidan, so the crazy weekend schedule is about to get going. 

The geese have been gathering at the park across the street.  The sun is definitely coming up later and going down earlier.  The leaves on the Cherry Tree out front are beginning to change.  Fall is upon us.  A few more weeks and we will be raking leaves and having fires in the fireplace.   These are some happy family times. . .tinged with a little sadness. . .but still happy times.


Anonymous said...

Loved reading this... And just so you know, I always bought books too for Kendall and Tyler instead of going to the library. I don't know why, but just did. They start going to school and find out this wonderful place and wondered why I never took them to one. Then I felt bad and got them a library card too. Funny! So glad he is enjoying school. That is such a wonderful feeling. I will be praying for Dana. Her will to live is admirable! Peace be with her! xoxo

Barb said...

Congratulations on your first official week as a public school family! This was a great post - loved all the details . . . it really brought me back to when my oldest guy started school . . . we never had a snack account - that sounds like a good idea (for the Mommies!).