Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mini Mites Rock!!!

Saturday, Aidan had his second Hockey lesson in the morning.  He was less than enthused.  I am positive he was bored because they actually spent time marching.  Aidan learned to march on the ice back when he was in the Toddler skate class when he was two.  It was so bad for him that he was slow moving and usually last in line.  Like I said, less than enthused. 

Then we got to the rink for Mini Mites.  Pat and I were a little nervous considering how Aidan had been in the morning.  We checked him in and got his new Mini Mites jersey--Aidan is on the Yellow team (there are Red, Green, Yellow and Blue) and then went to wait for our turn on the ice. 

Aidan looked out at the ice and said, "Mama, look.  The Finger Skaters are on the ice."  : ) 

The boys waited and waited. . .and then finally, the zamboni was on the ice!!!

And then, they got to take the ice!!!!  The Yellow team played the Green team on one end of the rink while the Blue and Red teams played eachother on the other end.

Aidan is the one in the yellow jersey with the red and white portion of his socks showing.  He is crowding the boy playing Center on this start. 

Aidan loves Mini Mites.  He was always pushing to be first on the ice and even got a lot of ice time.  Out of the 60 minutes, I would guess that he played at least 35 to 40 minutes.  He won each time he was the one up for the drop of the puck, he chased after the puck and took it away from the other team (and from his own team mate a couple of times!) several times, he guarded the goal and deflected the puck away several times and he could be credited with many many assists.  He didn't make any goals himself, but he was really into it!

He showed an interest and enthusiasm that was really awesome.  I think we're going to pull him from the lesson and see about getting him into the Hockey Skills class instead.  That will mean two hours straight on the ice on Saturday afternoons into December, but I think he will be much happier.  And, it will make our Saturdays a bit easier too!

On the way out of the Ice House, we saw the Mites coming in to play next.  I think they are 7, 8 and 9 year olds.  Not sure.  Aidan looked at them and said, "I want to be one of those guys."  Okay.  If you continue to like it!!

Meanwhile, on the way home, Aidan crashed in the car and slept so soundly on the way home that we had to practically pull him out of the back of the car to bring him in the house!  Total exhaustion.

Mini Mites Rock!!!  Go AJ!!!

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