Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Review. . .and Happy Advent!

Wow.  Here were are at the beginning of day 5 of our 5 days off.  Our, meaning me and Aidan, that is.  We have been off since Wednesday and we have been having a great time! 

When I picked Aidan up on Tuesday, we already knew Daddy would have to work late.  So, we came on home and made our brine  for the Turkey and did some chopping.  Wednesday, we got up early and began chopping and we cleaned the bird, set it in the brine, made our pie, dressing and several otherside dishes.  Daddy had to work day shift, so he wasn't home again, but Aidan was a huge help!  He insisted that we play some Christmas music while we stirred and chopped.

I loved that Aidan ran up to get his Home Depot apron on in order to help me out. . .while wearing his camoflage hunting hat!!

It rained heavily all day on Wednesday so we weren't able to go outside during our breaks, but we made due with some dancing while we cooked.  We went out for our annual night before Thanksgiving dinner with friends and Daddy was finally able to meet us there for that after having to work late again!

Thursday dawned clear and cooler.  Aidan helped me get the table set and do the last minute preparations in anticipation of sharing this wonderful meal with Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt B and UB. 

But, because Daddy had to work (again!) the bird didn't get put into the oven until 1:00.  But, boy did it look and smell good when it was done!

And, finally, we were ready to eat!!!

Later, I discovered that someone was playing with the camer again.  Can you guess who?????????????

Hmmm. . . .

Anyway, after dinner, we had our dessert and then decided to get a family photo.  Fun times coordinating 7 people and 2 dogs!!!  But, we laughed all the way through it. . .

Maggie ended up not being in the group photo. . .she just wouldn't cooperate with everyone else!!  : )

Thanksgiving was a fun family day.  I had started off feeling gritchy and irritable but was able to remember that it was a day of Thanks. . .which has now reminded me that I really should sit down and write out 100 things I am thankful for.  It might help keep me grounded and humble!  I'll let you know how I do.

Friday was another beautiful day.  In the morning, Aidan and I got ourselved going and went to pick up Aunt B and UB who were staying at Grandma and Gradpas.  We had decided to venture down to the Capitals Kettler Iceplex at Ballston.  It's a bit of a trek for us out here in Loudoun County, but we did it!  I did make the mistake of depending on the GPS to tell me where to go, so we made a couple of bad turns.  Once I went back to depending on myself, we had better luck. 

Unfortunately, when we got there, we discovered that the Caps weren't practicing that day because the game was at 4:00. . .but we had fun skating anyway!  And I got a couple of fun pictures, too!

The ice got pretty chewed up, although it didn't seem any more crowded than at Ashburn.  But, we had fun anyways and will likely go down there again over our Christmas break.  Hopefully, next time, the Caps will be there practicing!  I know Aidan will love that.

Friday afternoon, when we got back, Pat got off work around 3:00 and had enough time to put up the outside Christmas lights.  Then we went off to dinner at a good Mexican restaurant. . .no leftovers on that day for us!!  Mama was not cooking. . .

Satruday, we finished with the lights and put our fake tree together.  Aidan read off the instructions on which color came when.  I think the boys had a good time working together on this project.  Meanwhile, I decorated the rest of the inside of the house.

And now, we have a new visitor.  Steopa the elf has returned.  It looks like he brought a movie and filled the Advent Calendar up.  This will be exciting for Aidan.  Today is the first Sunday of Advent, but the Calendar does not start until December 1st.  So, he'll have to do some waiting.  But, that is what Advent is. . .a time of waiting.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope you all had a good one!

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Joy said...

You are so funny. I make the family sit for a picture at the table too. This year it took a couple of shots as well.

I am sure Aidan would not be the only one excited to see the CAPs play. GO CAPS!

I wish I had pulled out our Christmas stuff too.