Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Field Trip!

I have a horrible admission to make.  I currently live 35 miles away from Washington D. C., the farthest I have lived from D. C. in the 33 years I have lived in Virginia, and have never, ever, ever been to the National Zoo.  Not even to take Aidan.  I know.  It's terrible!  I've been to the San Diego Zoo, the Los Angeles Zoo and the San Francisco Zoo, even the National Aquarium in Baltimore!  And another Aquarium in North Carolina!  But never the National Zoo.  I don't know why.  It has just never happened. . .terrible.  Horrible.  I am wearing sack cloth and moaning to God about my inadequacy as a mother.

Enter Loudoun Count Public Schools:  today will be Aidan's first ever Field Trp!!!  To the National Zoo!!!  To say he is excited would be a major understatement.  I have packed him a bag lunch--explicit instructions have been sent home about healthy foods and wrappings that can be thrown away--no recycling today, folks!! 

So, last night, Aidan picked out his Sun Chips and advised me he wanted a ham and cheese sandwich.  Okay.  So, this morning, I packed his bag lunch with a juice bag of Apple Juice, a ham and cheese sandwich, the Sun Chips, some grapes and a Ho-Ho.  A nice well rounded lunch.  The bag is full. . .will he need a snack???  I 'll send a baggie of some gold fish. . .okay.  Relax mom.  He'll have a great time and will eat fine. . .  : )  Mama is a bit nervous about her baby going somewhere outside of Virginia without me.

And so by tonight, my son, who has been here four years, will have beaten me to visiting the National Zoo!!  I think I'm going to have to make a point of going, now.


Joy said...

Even I have been to that zoo and I live hours away...LOL! I bet he will love seeing all the animals. Anna still talks about the elephants.

Jason and KariLynn said...

Yeah, half a country away and we've been. Just don't park on the street near rush hour...we got towed because we were 5 minutes late. :( Parking cost $20 and we were being "frugal." The zoo was fun, but not worth the towing bill.