Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hospitals and Birthday Parties

Pat's mom woke early Wednesday morning with severe stomach pains.  After being taken to the hospital, it was discovered that there was something going wrong with her gall bladder.  It was decided to go in and clean it out.  After that was done, they kept her overnight for observation.

On Thursday, she was told that the gall bladder would need to come out sometime in the next four weeks.  She decided that since she was already there, they should do it now.  Thank goodness she decided that!!  It was taken out in the afternoon and it was discovered that, although it had not burst or anything, it had a very bad infection that had already gotten into her blood.   She was then told she would stay in the hospital at least until Sunday.

Apparantly, she got progressively worse throughout Friday.  By the time we got there to see her, she had a fever and was very weak.  I'm afraid that as much as she wanted to see Aidan, he kind of stressed her out and then we tired her out even more.  She is a very sick lady.

I'm very worried about her.  Please pray with us for her healing.

On a lighter note, and a much needed distraction for Daddy, today is Aidan's 6th birthday party!!  His birthday is this coming Tuesday.  Today's party wll be held, once again, at the Ashburn Ice House.  This year we invited just boys from his Kindergarten class and from Winwood.  Should be fun!!  : )

There will be pizza, cake and then a 1/2 hour lesson followed by an hour of free skate.  The boys will have a blast!  I found goodie bags at Party City for NHL and have filled them with papr Goalie masks, black gold and silver noise makers, NHL whistles, NHL tattoos and some mints.  There will be a hockey puck provided by the Ice House that I can also put into each bag.  I'll post pictures tomorrow. . .

Tonight some friends are coming over for dinner and to celebrate Aidan's birthday.  I'll make tacos, tostadas, Mexican rice and Refried beans--and likely some Quesadilla's for the kids.  I'll also make some homemade salsa and Queso.  All of this is in exchange for our friends suffering through us watching GAME 7 of the Rangers Caps series!!!!  Go Caps!!!

I think our friends will survive.  : )

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  I'm not sure if we will celebrate it at the hospital, at Pat's parents house, or even at all.  We'll see.  It will all depend on how well Mom is feeling.  As much as I love celebrating Mother's Day--didn't get to for so many years--I'd much rather see that Mom is on the mend and feeling better.  Please, I pray.

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