Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Sweet And Sensitive Little Man

Aidan is a very caring, gentle and sensitive little guy.  As tough and aggressive as he can be on the ice is as gentle and sensitive as he can be off the ice.

Over the past two or three years, we have had lots of discussions about God and Heaven and God's house and when and why people/dogs/cats/bugs go to live with God.  He understands that when a person/dog/cat/bug goes to live with God, they are in Heaven and that we, here on Earth, can no longer be with them until it is our turn to go and live with God.  He also understands that we all do eventually go, but that we live here until it is our time and God wants us with Him.

Aidan loves to look at pictures of our old dog, Brutus.  He asks lots of questions and it ultimately comes around to the fact that Brutus is now living with God.  He died before Aidan was born, an old dog of 12 1/2 (big dog) and he was also kind of sick and couldn't run or even walk anymore.  I've explained that Brutus is now happy and running and playing ball every day in Heaven.  This always makes Aidan happy.

My Grandfather died the day after Easter.  It's sad, but Poppy was 96 years old and sooooo ready to go.  He kept telling my Mom he wanted to move.  When asked where, he would give the address of the cemetary where my Grandmother is buried.  For more than a year he kept talking about how he wanted to go and be with his Princess.  Now he is finally there, dancing with his Princess.  Aidan and I will go out west later in June to help my Mom with his Memorial service.  It will be a time to celebrate Poppy's life and remember all the fun times we cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. had at their house in Southern California. 

Along these same lines, my Mother-in-law fell a few weeks ago and popped one of her hips out.  She is recovering, but it's taking a bit of time.  One of the things that my Father-in-law did, with Pat's help, was to go to the furniture store and get her a really nice lift chair.  I haven't seen it yet, but I hear that it has been a huge help.  Awesome! 

That evening, Pat was telling our neighbor about the lift chair and Aidan was close enough to hear.  The neighbor asked Pat how his Mom was liking the chair and Pat answered, "Mom is in Heaven!"  Well, needless to say, Aidan was sooo upset thinking his Grandma was now in Heaven!  It took a bit of explaining, but I think he now understands that that was just a figure of speach.  Grandma is still here with us on Earth. 

My sweet, wonderful, loving, caring and sensitive little guy!!!  I love him so much!!!


Joy said...

He is a sweet sensitive boy. I am glad to hear Pat's Mother is doing better. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Troy and Rachel said...

Our guys are so much alike! Daniel loves talking about our Abby (a dog we had before he even came home). We talk about how she is in heaven too, along with my dad and the other day I put flowers in my car to take to my dad's grave and Daniel made me pinkie swear I wouldn't go until I picked him up from school. Such sweet hearts these boys have!