Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bad Mama Award X2

Okay, yes, I should actually be given this award for two days.  In a row!

It all started innocently enough.  On Saturday, I kept Aidan out of the house all day so Pat could sleep--he's currently on the midnight shift. We left the house about 9:00 am and we did grocery shopping, went to my weight watchers meeting (where I was down again!  I now have 3.4 to go to get to my goal!), then I took Aidan to the Free Skate with a friend of his, bought him some new hockey socks, and then he had his Skills Class--where he skated a bit sloppy, but was happy enough.  Then we met Pat at his parents for dinner.   A very long day for both of us. 

And then the time sprang forward to Daylight Savings Time!  Love the light, hate the lost hour of sleep.  Makes me fuzzy headed for a few days. . .

Anyway, Sunday dawned beautiful and warm.  In fact, it got up to 66 degrees!!!  After church, we had a quick lunch and then headed over to the new neighbors to see if their little boy could come out and play.  And play they did!  All day long.  In the warm sun.  That night, my little man was not only exhausted, he was a bit pink in his face and arms!  Ooops.  I didn't put any sunscreen on him. 

In my defense, it had just snowed four days earlier.  I wasn't tinking sunscreen yet!  It was hard enough to let Aidan play without his jacket on, okay?

Okay.  Okay.  I know I should always remember the sunscreen.  Especially for my very fair child.  Bad Mama Award #1.

So then on Monday, we got up as usual and headed off to work and school.  Aidan's Evaluation Skate for Spring Mites was in the evening and we had to be there no later than 6:00.  So, Pat worked with him on his homework and then we had a quick dinner before Aidan and I headed off to the rink.

 At the rink, we checked in, got him suited up and ready and then waited our turn to go on the ice.
After the kids were on the ice, I lost sight of mine only to find out he had to go to the bathroom. . .really, Aidan???  sigh. . .
But, then, once he was on there, he went through the drills portion of the evaluation flawlessly.  He was looking really good and I began to relax.
Stopping, turning, controlling the puck, backward skating.  You name, he was doing it good.  I was really happy for him.  There was no sloppiness to be seen.

And then they scrimaged.  I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden, Aidan was holding back.  He wasn't going after the puck.  He skated hard, but he wasn't being at all aggressive.  Just really sluggish.  He wouldn't look at me--probably becuase I had gotten a little angry about him waiting to go to the bathroom  : (  --so I couldn't coax him on.

In the car on the way home, we talked about it all and I even wondered aloud if he wanted to do hockey.  Yes!  Emphatic yes!!  So, I explained he was going to have to skate much harder than that if he wanted to make the Travel Team.  The tryouts are next week and it's all he's been talking about so I know he wants to do it. 

About a minute after we talked, it became quiet in the car and then I heard the heavy breathing of my child asleep.  Doh!!!  Of course!  He's exhausted, too, because of this darn time change thing!

Okay.  So, there you have it.  I'm the Bad Mama X2 for two bad days.  But, I'm blaming the Time Change!!!  : )

In other news,  we are in the midst of refinancing our house to a 15 year mortgage.  We got an incredible rate of 2.75%!   Our plan is to have the house paid off by the time Aidan goes to college, in 11 years.  Woo Hoo!!!  Because the rate is so low, our monthly payment is only about $50.00 a month more than now.  Incredible!  We close next Wednesday.  Can't wait!  And because of that, we are thinking we may be able to begin some of the outsde remodeling this summer!!  Screened in Porch and Stamped Concrete Patio!!  Woo Hoo!!

And finally, I have to share these picture of how my Aidan can actually skate.  It's him scoring in the last regular season game.  I think I'll show him these before his tryouts next week!

Aidan shoots!

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Shelly said...

I forget the sunscreen ALL THE TIME!! Hey, and feel free to come to our house and practice your porch building skills before starting on yours! LOL