Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, March 7, 2013

In Like A Lion

When March arrives, we are usually a little excited because it means winter is about over.  The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising, there are fewer cloudy days, the trees are starting to look a bit swollen with the buds building, and sometimes there are even daffodils blooming by now.  Ah, spring.  We are ready to embrace you and celebrate your arrival!

Unless March comes in like a lion, that is.

Thus is the case this year.  I did happen to see some daffodils blooming near my office the other day, but the ominous weather report was already out there so the enjoyment factor of the daffodils was reduced.

As with any late winter, early spring storm here in the Mid-Atlantic, things can go either way.  A couple of miles can mean the difference between all snow and all rain.  Here, in Loudoun County, though, we general are on the snow side.  Our elevation is slightly higher and we're a little north and west of the city.  So, it should not have been a big surprise to find this when I got up yesterday:

It was really coming down!!  Obviously, school was cancelled for the day and my office also closed for the day so we settled in for a nice cozy day at home.  BONUS!!  Daddy didn't get called in to work until late in the day and didn't have to be there until 6:00!

After a couple of hours of heavy snow, our neighbors trees were starting to look a bit weighed down. . .

We had a nice pancake breakfast and I set up some spaghetti sauce to cook all day in the crock pot and then we got the kiddo bundled up to go outside for some fun in the snow!

The front looked very snowy by this time. . .

And the trees were still getting coated.  Those poor cherry blossom buds!!!  But, they will be fine and should be blooming beautifully in about 3 weeks regardless.

Aidan headed over to the neighbors to "help" shovel, even though it was still snowing.

And snowing. . .

The kids ended up making a snow fort and then sledding on our little hills in the yards.  They had a blast.  Until it started to rain.  Then they all came in for hot dogs, juice and some Cheetos while they dried off. 

There was one little boy who went to sleep immediately when his head hit the pillow last night.  And today he has a little extra time to sleep some more since we are on a two hour delay. . .

But, Spring is still in the offing.  In fact, I heard that this weekend will be in the 50's!  Bye bye snow!!! 

So, if it comes in like a lion, it should go out like a lamb.  Right? 

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