Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Adventures Continue!

Well, let's see.  Where did we leave off in our never ending adventure???  Ah yes.  The Spring Mites Evaluation Skate.

So, Aidan was chosen to be on the Kelly Green team for the Spring Season.  It's kind of an interesting season.  There are only 5 practices but 8 games.  The practices are every other Monday night from 7:00 to 8:10.  The time is terrible for us as Aidan's bedtime (and thus ours too!) is 8:00.  But, it is only 5 times and it is every other week.  So, we'll deal with it for the short amount of time we have.  The trade off is that the games are Saturday afternoons.  This means we won't be needing to leave for the rink at the ungodly hour of 6:30 AND we'll be able to go to church more regularly again!  Our first practice is not until April 1st and the first game will be on April 6th.  Just right for a little break. . .

On Sunday, Aidan was invited to a birthday party for his Russian friend, George.  It was at King Pinz.  Aidan bowled with George and a bunch of George's friends from his Russian school.  For once, Aidan actually looked little! 

 There had been only one other time in our history together that Pat and I did not have Corned Beef and Cabbage on St. Patricks Day and that was 5 years ago.  Ironically, we left for Russia the next day for our Court trip and I didn't want to leave leftovers for a month so we went out with friends.  For Mexican Food. 

On Monday morning, we awoke to snow falling.  Winter just doesn't want to release it's hold on us!!
All I can say is Blech!!!  So done with winter.

Tuesday, Aidan had his first day of Mites Travel Hockey Try Outs.  He did okay.  He was doing some really good power skating and keeping up with the bigger boys.  This is for birth years '05 and '06.  They take 20 kids.  On Tuesday I counted 42 boys.  I felt at the end of that try out, Aidan was about middle of the pack.  He wasn't the best, but definitely not the worst.  About middle.  He did some good passing and was trying to anticipate where the puck was going.  During the skills portion, he was doing some great turns, stops and controlling the puck.  All in all, he did well.
Day 2 of the tryouts was on Wednesday night.  This one felt more brutal. . .at least to us parents!  Aidan made a face for me, but I don't really think this is how he felt.
On this day, I only counted 31 boys.  Perhaps a few dropped out?  I don't think I miscounted by 11 boys!  Anyway, Aidan again did excellent during the skills portion.  And he again showed some great anticipation and power skating skills.  And I was really proud of him when I saw him skating backwards trying to defend the goal.  I did hear one of the tryout coaches tell him that was really good.   So, we'll find out in a couple of days if he made it or not.  If he doesn't make this team, no worries.  This was the first of many try outs that we will experience in the coming years of hockey.
The other big news for the week is that we closed on our new 15 year mortgage with the insanely low interest rate!  So excited about that loan.  Our plan is to have it fully paid off by the time Aidan goes to college in 11 years.  Definitely doable!

And now, for a couple of days of quiet time.  That is, after mommy goes for a pedicure!  Then all will be quiet for a few days around the Harrison household.

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