Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Growing and playing and learning new words

It's not raining!!!! Yay!!! I love the swings!!! Mommy's cutie on the swing at Catherine's house.

I still don't have the capability of adding pictures from the camera, but here is one from my cell phone from the other day. Aidan just loves to play outside!
He is such a hoot! I realized yesterday, that he is telling me when he is finished by holding up his bowl and saying "All gone!" Also, I got mad at him (briefly for throwing a toy at Maggie) and then we made up with hugs and kisses and he said to me "It's all good!" He is copying everything I say! It's soooo funny! Lori was right, I'm sure he got "Oh cool!" from me!!!
We seem to be going through food stages. What I mean by that is that the things he loved last week he won't touch this week. I don't know why! In fact, lately, all he'll eat is macaroni and cheese or pieces of string cheese. I did get him to eat a scrambled egg yesterday and that was good. I'd like him to eat some meat, though. He is almost an entire inch taller than when we got home (six weeks ago, can you believe it???) but he hasn't gained any weight. His tummy is slimming down. . .but we still have our chipmonk cheeks and short little legs!!! He is such a cutie. He can still wear the 18month pants, although they are starting to get a little short, but the 24month pants are perfect. The 2T's are actually too big, especially if there isn't at least some elastic across the back! We put some shorts on him a couple of weeks ago to wear to church that didn't have any elastic and they ended up at his knees by Communion time. . .no more of that!!!
Since my mom left, Aidan has been pointing to the chair she sat in at the table and looks at us and says "Nana?" He is wondering where she went! How cute is that?
My dad arrives next weekend and will be here for five days, then we head off to the beach for a couple of days before I go back to work. . .
We have found that Aidan does not suffer from the Attachment Disorder that we were strongly warned about. In fact, it is actually the opposite that is true. I'm sure this is pretty typical of two year olds, but he absolutely freaks out when one of us leaves him. That is to say, if one of us walks away. If he is taken out of the room, it's not a problem. But, if I just, say, go to the bathroom, he screams and cries until I get back. Something to work on!
No word back from the pediatrician yet on his blood work. I'll be calling them on Tuesday, I think.
More soon!

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Joy said...

Okay he does look older!! I can not beleive how much he has grown. The other day I was showing my Mother the pictures of different kiddos on the blogs that I read and she thought your little man was SOOOO cute. My Mother has red hair and none of us got her red hair so she is hopeful that my son or daughter will have red hair after seeing him.

Ask him to sleep in a ball so that his stays this age for a little bit longer.