Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Crazy house, fun house

I always feel like I need to post a picture when I post a blog! So, today it is of Maggie, playing with Cleo kittys toy. . .There is a small ball inside this blue ball and Maggie sticks her nose inside the blue ball trying to get the small ball out! It's hilarious to watch her run about the house with this stuck on her nose! Aidan took the whole thing away yesterday. . .I guess he got tired of it. . .or maybe, being a part of the pack, he wanted to try his hand at getting the small ball out! Anyway, when I went to put the wash in the dryer last night after I put him to bed, there was a horrible racket--like there were sneakers inside or something! Okay, I actually thought Aidan had put someones shoes inside the dryer. Well, it turned out to be the blue ball! I got it out and Maggie took off, playing with it again! What a house. . .

Incredibly, yesterday marked 4 weeks since we got Aidan out of the orphanage. I can't believe it's been 4 weeks! And yet, can it really have been only 4 weeks??? He is such a part of our lives now that it is hard to imagine him not being there.

Bill and Tamara Holsinger-Robinson are back in the US as a family of four now. Yippee!! I know they are glad. Tamara suggested a bonfire for the clothes worn in Russia. . .I looovvvee the idea! However, and if I can pry the Sloppy Joes shirt off Pat, I'll have to give that to Lori!

I have discovered that private bathroom time is a treat not to be taken for granted. . .When I am alone and have to go, I get to be in the room with Aidan and two dogs. What fun! Privacy? What privacy!

One of Aidan's test results came back. He has Giardia, which is very treatable and he'll go on some medication for a couple of weeks beginning on Monday. He'll be ready for daycare and swimming when the time comes--but no nursery at church for a while. This is something I read about on one of the blogs last week. Another couple adopted a little boy a few weeks before us from the same orphanage and he had it too. So, I was not surprised when the pediatrician called about it. Hopefully, his other tests will come back clean.

Yesterday I tried to plant some nice annuals in my pots around the deck and patio. However, after the third pot had to be redone and dirt added, I gave up. I guess that is something to do during nap time!

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