Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Learning and Lying

That's a biga belly!!

Aidan is learning so many words these days! I taught him to say "Please, Mama." last night. It comes out sounding something like peas mama, but I know what he means! He definitely says Stop It! Mostly to the dogs, whom we tell to stop it all the time when they bark! He points to everything and says "Da", which I think he means "that" and is asking me to tell him the English word for things. He'll do this for about 10 minutes or so at a time and I know he is learning everything he can! He no longer says "nyet" opting for the English "no" which is, um, over uses. : ) Other words he knows are up, car, dog, daddy, and of course kitty cat.

Now, about kitty cat. . .we have a cat. Her name is Cleo, but has only been called kitty cat since we've been home. She isn't too fond of Aidan, although truth be known, she isn't fond of any kid, and scratch him a little on the hand one day when he tried to "pet" her (maul her). That has not deterred our fearless Aidan from trying to get up close and personal with Cleo. He will chase her around and will crawl under the desk to get to her. I continue to try and discourage this behavior, but to no avail. There has been a funny side effect to the whole kitty cat thing and that is that any time there is something that hurts Aidan, it is kitty cat's fault! For instance, I had to pick his nose the other day to get the hardened snot off (lovely job that moms get to do!). It hurt him a little even though I had softened it before hand. He flinched and then looked at me solemnly and wispered "kitty cat." I tried not to laugh. But, then later, he was picking a scab off his elbow and I said to not do that and again he looked at me and very seriously whispered "kitty cat." Later in the evening, he was running with the dogs and fell flat on his face. He immediately started screaming and I ran to pick him up, checked to see if there was blood and then began to comfort him. Having not seen what happened, I asked him, "Aidan, what happened?" He replied, in a whisper "kitty cat." I burst out laughing! I couldn't help it! I know it is the early stages of lying that he is blaming every bad thing that happens to him on the cat (Poor Cleo!) but it is just too funny!

I know he really unerstand English as he will follow our commands completely. Yesterday he came to me with one of his sandals ( he had his slippers on at the time) and wanted me to put it on him. I told him to go and get the other sandal and I would put them both on him. He came back with them both and began to take his slippers off so I could put the sandals on him. I did so and then handed him slippers and told him to go and put them on the toy chest in his room. Later, when I went back in to make his bed, I saw that his slippers were in fact on his toy chest! What a good boy!!

Well, were off to have a bunch of blood work done (fun!) after we go and vote for our town elections.




Anonymous said...

ok.... I am crying right now from laughing so hard! I hope he is still saying "kitty cat" when I get there next week. I so want to hear that! Good luck on the blood work. It will be over before you know it!:)LOVE YA!

Joy said...

I think that is hysterical. The poor cat is going to get a complex.

Joy said...

Stacy here is my email address. I am not really sure why my referral will not be until September.