Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finding things to do inside. . .

I can't believe it's been a week since I posted! Time is flying!

Since the last post, my mom has been here for a week and will be here for another week. She is helping me a great deal. We have been stripping wallpaper in the kitchen and will paint it today. It's going to be really nice.

Aidan had his bloodwork done last week. We haven't heard the results yet. The experience was earsplitting-he screamed, but not as bad as we had thought-he had obviously been through something similar in the recent past. When we took him into the room where the blodd would be drawn, he seemed to know exactly what was going tohappen. The poor little guy started whimpering right away! When the nurse walked in, he started crying. The screaming started when the tourniqit band was put on his arm. Poor little guy! I don' know who cried harder, him or me! Afterward, when we asked what had happened to his arm, he whispered "kitty cat." So, we knew all was well!

We met with our sitter also and Aidan loved it there! In fact, he really didn't want to leave. The kids there all seem to get along great and there are a lot of cool toys to play with. He is going to do great!

Since last thursday, we have had 7.23 inches of rain! Fun! Aidan hates being cooped up and we have not been able to get out at all! Today will be nice, so we will get over the park this afternoon. The worst of the weather was on Mother's Day (my first and it was fantastic!) and on Monday, during which time we got 4.68 inches of rain within about 30 hours. Crazy! Flooding and power outages everywhere! When I saw it on the weather, it was a classic N'easter. What it would have been if it had happened in the winter!!!

My sisters come this weekend and Aidan's baptism will be on Sunday with an Open House following. Can't wait. I'll try to post more pictures by then.


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