Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bragging, contemplating and pictures. . .

Our little guy. . .When we first put the sandles on him that go between the toes, he freaked out! Now that he realizes that Mommy and Daddy wear those too, it's all good!
Our temperatures soared to near 90 degrees the other day. ..normally not so bad for summer (although it is still May!) but hard to take after the cool 60's for so long! Aidan loved playing in the sprinkler and did what all kids through the years have done. . .tried to get wet but ran around the edges of the sprinkler! It was so funny! The dogs had fun, too!

I don't profess to be a good flower arranger. . .in fact, I generally just put them in a vase and then set them on the table. But, the other day, I had bought several different flowers and actually took the time to arrange them. When I was finished, I picked up the vase to take it all into the Dining Room. Aidan took one look at the flowers and said "Whoa!!!" I had to take a picture of the flowers then!!!

Of course, that prompted me to take a picture of my Peonies mixed with daisies arrangement! : )
My guys. . . .Aren't they handsome?????

Aidan continues to do really well. He is so good about our schedule, which has been so changeable lately! We've had family coming and going for visits for a few weeks now. One more and then we'll just be us for a long time. Aidan just rolls with it and really only gets whiny if we don't get ourside or go at least one place each day. Outside is fine as long as it isn't raining, so that usually works.
Aidan has discovered gnats and ants. We have decided that there really is a reason God put those particular bugs on earth. . .so Aidan can study them closely and then squish them! I'd feel sorry for the little bugs, but they are bugs afterall!
I'm a little frustrated with the medical system. . .I hadn't heard anything about Aidan's blood work and where we stand with his vaccines so I called the Pediatrician yesterday. They hadn't received the report from the lab and when they called the lab, there was no record of Aidan! I, of course, have the benefits explanation out this morning and will call again, but really! I will not put him through having blood drawn again! But, I need that information so we know what to do about his well baby care, vaccines and for the Daycare provider! Grrrrr!!!!
I've been contemplating the difference between the God shaped hole in my heart and the Stacy shaped hole in God's heart. I have come to the conclusion that they are not mutually exclusive. Let me explain: Of course there is a God shaped hole in my heart. . .I need to fill that hole with God-his desires and not mine and to do the work he has given me to do on the earthly plain, and not do the things that Stacy wants to do. Wanting is not bad, as long as the ultimate purpose serves God. If I go off and do things that are of my own purpose and not God's, then the God shaped hole is open and not filled with God. The Stacy shaped hole in God's heart exists because I need to come to God of my own Free Will. He can not make me come to him, nor will He because He wants me to come to Him of my own Free Will. I can be drawn away from God, thus leaving the Stacy shaped hole empty, but when I am truly conscious of God, doing His work, and Loving Him with all my heart, soul, mind and body, then the Stacy shaped hole is filled. . .more on this later as I contemplate it more.

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Lori said...

Nice post stacy and I have to say, Aidan looks like he is slimming down! Feed that boy! I want to squeeze him next time I see him!