Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tagged twice--Okay! I'll play!!

So, I've now been tagged for a second time. I didn't play the first time (Sorry, Joy!) and now that I've been tagged a second time, I feel really really guilty about not responding the first time! So, here I go, telling you all 7 things about me that you might not know (although I suspect some of you do know these things!)

1. The only person I truly and fully trust is my husband Pat. I love him to death! He is kind, sensitive, sweet and always forgiving (no matter what I've done!) and he is the only one who has full power over my heart (outside of God, that is!). We were married in December 1986 (I always wanted to be a Christmas bride) but have known each other since early 1984. He is the one who keeps me sane and always knows how to diffuse me when I get revved up. I can't even begin to imagine life without him!

2. Adding onto that, I hold grudges. I can't help it. I can forgive and I am usually nice to folks, but my inner circle of friends is small and tight. If you cross me, disappoint me, or (god forbid!) hurt me in some way, you are out and I will never let you back in again. Harsh, I know, but I have been hurt pretty badly by a couple of people over the years. I guess it is my way of protecting myself!

3. Adding onto that again: I am very sensitive. Sometimes I will cry just from a look from someone! I always try to harden up, but my feelings are on the surface of me just waiting to be rubbed the wrong way or plucked at! When I get my feelings hurt, I slide into my shell and I don't want to come out. Sometimes it takes a while until I do. Usually, people don't even know they have hurt my feelings because I go into my shell so quickly! : )

4. Probably part of the above: I love being home. I am such a home body that I actually sometimes count the hours until I can be there again when I am away. Let me tell you what kind of a slow torture being in Russia was!!!!! However, that was a joy on so many other levels that it really didn't count once we got Aidan! Don't get me wrong, I love to travel and I want to see more of the world than Canada, Mexico and Russia, but I just love being at home! Pre-Aidan, my favorite past time was to sit by a nice fire on a cold day and read an historical fiction book with Schubert, Dvorak or Corelli playing in the background!

5. I am an absolute clean freak. I sweep the floors about three times a day. I would vacuum more, too, if I had more time. I can't stand messes or disorganization. It makes me crazy! In fact, my current project is to clean out the refrigerator, freezer and pantry and reorganize it all! I just finished doing our budget through September, so I feel good there, and after the kitchen stuff, I'll tackle closets! Having a 2 year old little boy in the house is testing me!

6. I was born in Southern California. In fact, I am a third generation native Southern Californian on my fathers side (my grandmother was born in Los Angeles in 1911 and my Dad was born in Burbank in 1938). However, I love the east and will probably never move back west again. When I was little, I didn't know trees changed color in the fall and then dropped off! I think I missed the east when I was little even though I had never seen it. I moved away from California in 1975 and eventually came to Virginia in 1979 and have been here ever since. I love Virginia and the south. My mothers family are all southern people and so I grew up hearing southern accents. I think I can do an incredible southern accent that would impress all you all (plural for you all)! But, I was actually born in Newport Beach, California. Sorry!

7. I have a degree in History and English Literature. But, I also completed a four year certificate course of study in theology offered by the University of the South at Sewanee. While in college, every one of my research papers were based on some religious or theological aspect of history or literature. I guess you could call it a passion of mine. I read historical fiction all of the time and I'm always referring back to my school books to place things I read into time and place. I drive people crazy with some of the detailed information that I know (Pat calls me Rainman sometimes). Someday, when Aidan gets older, I would love to take a trip to some of the places in Europe and the Middle East to really follow the footsteps of some of the theologians of the past! How awesome would it be to scuba dive in the Red Sea and be able to say I was at the place that Moses walked the Isrealites across to freedom?

Okay, so I guess I need to tag three more: Amy, Kim, Dana. There! I did it!


Lori said...

you did indeed do it! Good job.

Joy said...

Do not feel bad that you only got time to post your "tagged" information. When I tagged you you had just come home with Aiden and you were so busy.

I did love to read about your quirks. I write out my budget every month too. I can tell you have much I spent on gas or electric for the year for the past 5 years.