Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aya Wanna!!!

It's the last day of September so I give you a little Les Witches in anticipation of October. . .

The costume is shaping up. I have the main body about done. All that needs to be done on it is to put the velcro on the back for the closure and elastic around the wrist and ankles. The hood is done, too, except for the mane. The ears are on the hood and so I tried the body and hood on Aidan to see how it all fit. . .the body is perfect! He loved the tail and even giggled about the little puff of "hair" on the end of the tail. The hood covers the head but is actually too small! I did the Large pattern, too (my son has a big head!!) But, not to worry. I can add an extra strap of material under the chin and then it will work. The back of the hood is probably a little too high up, but it will be covered by the mane. Then, all I'll have left are the feet. Instead of doing the slipper kind of feet that the pattern calls for I am going to do a covering for the shoe. That will work out better with moving around outside. Aidan loves it!

Aidan discovered that he actually likes football. . .that's my boy! He saw the football game on the TV and said "FOOTBALL!" By dinnertime on Sunday, he was saying "TOUCHDOWN!" Yes, I have a Redskin fan in the making! : )

Over the weekend, Aidan said to me, "Scott ride ina kool but. . ." He looked pensive and thoughtful when he said it. So I said, "yes, Scott rides the school bus to go to school." And he replied, " Aya wanna ride ina kool but!" I told him he would in a couple of years. Every day. Twice a day! Not good enough. Aya wanna ride ina kool but. . .Aya wanna ride ina kool but. . .Aya wanna ride ina kool but! All weekend long, over and over. And again, this morning, for about 3 blocks. And then he saw a BIG TRUCK! And Aidan said, "DAT! BIG TRUCK!! AYA WANNA RIDE IN A BIG TRUCK!!!!" And so it went for the next 5 miles until we got to day care. . .

Where we saw two big deer in our sitters yard! And then Aidan finally stopped, sucked in a breath, pointed and said, "big buck. . ." Daddy will be proud. . .

In case you were wondering, the words in all caps are said at the top of our lungs, as loud as possible--ear splittingly so. . . : )

Life is good with Aidan, aka Aya Wanna!

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