Aidan at Beach

Aidan at Beach

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Easter Excitement Building

I am so excited for Easter this year! Last Easter we were in Russia and didn't really observe it in any way. Nor Holy Week either. Much. This year, we are home, will observe Holy Week (Maundy Thursday service with the foot washing, Good Friday vigil, Three Holy Hours and the Stations of the Cross), and then celebrate Easter Sunday with gusto! I can't wait!!

I've set my Easter dinner menu and have our plans all prepared. I never had much in the way of Easter decorations before, but now there is Aidan. And so I now have quite a few things-tablecoths, egg wreath on the door, little chicks. . . One is a lovely Russian Easter egg that we bought last year on old Arbot.

While in Russia last year, we purchased two plastic eggs (seen above with the Russian Easter Egg) at a Costco-like store near the orphanage in Sosnovoborsk. We thought they would have candy in them. When we got back to the hotel, we opened one to make sure there weren't any hard candies. They were giving hard candy to Aidan at the orphanage, but we didn't want to continue that practice! Anyway, once opened, we realized that these were actually eggs that contained Easter egg dye in them! Who knew?? The label had a bunny rabbit and a bunch of Russian writing on it. . .

So, this year (and next year) we will color eggs, on Good Friday evening, using our Russian Easter Egg dye. The only problem is that the instructions are in Russian. So, off to the store I went to buy some Paas dye so I would know what to do!

Aidan and I went to Pier 1 after church last Sunday and bought his Easter Basket. It's been a tradition in my family that each child has a really nice wooden type of basket that is used every year and then that can be given to the next generation of children. My older sister used my dad's! Anyway, Aidan picked out a really nice basket and we will set it outside for the Easter bunny when we color the eggs next week. It will then show back up on Easter morning full of goodies!!

Aidan is so excited!!


Teresa said...

Hi Stacy,
Those Russian Easter eggs are gorgeous! This will be a great time for Aidan-Enjoy!!
Have a nice weekend...Teresa

Anonymous said...

Now Aidan can save his for his kids someday!!! That will be so special. Can't wait to hear how he reacts to the entire Easter week. Enjoy!